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Motivated to do… Nothing? This Method Will Get You Off the Couch in Minutes

Motivation. Your success as an entrepreneur depends on it.

It’s the reason I started the Live Your Message Every Day series.

Without motivation, other remarkable traits — talent, enthusiasm, creativity — mean nothing.

You could be the most gifted life coach in the world but if you’re NOT motivated to get clients, you’ll fail.

So, what do you do when you need motivation, on demand?

Let’s start by looking at WHY we feel demotivated

It’s because of negative emotions like overwhelm or frustration. Motivation shoots up with positive emotions like inspiration and excitement.

So, how can you go from negative to positive? Use an “I Did It” List.

This is a list of personal wins. Everything you’ve achieved. Nothing is too big or too small.

Won a medal for coloring in kindergarten? It goes on the list.

Graduated summa cum laude? Write that down.

Check your list every morning and night AND when you need instant motivation.

What’s on your “I Did It” list? Leave a comment!

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