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Make Yourself Happy with This…

Entrepreneurs are an enthusiastic, high-energy bunch, don’t you agree? But we all have SUPER difficult days.

Days when you feel like NOTHING is going your way.

Days when you think, “I KNOW I’m going to fail!”

You’re stressed and miserable. You wonder why you ever started this “online thing.”

When you feel this way, try this:

Open your desk drawer — or any drawer — and start de-cluttering.

You’re probably wondering, “Marisa — you want me to tidy up? How’s cleaning going to help me cheer up?”

Turns out, it can.

Studies show our environment affects mental clarity and overall mood.  Cluttered, untidy or dirty surroundings can leave you feeling de-motivated, overwhelmed…

And yes, miserable!

De-cluttering a desk drawer has the power to lift you out of a slump…

And into a much better, sunnier mood!

It’s an easy way to make yourself happy.

Plus you don’t have to spend a dime!

What’s a super simple get-happy practice you love? Leave a comment!

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