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Make this Mistake and You’ll NEVER Tap into the Full Power of Visualization

You’ve probably heard of visualization.

It’s about envisioning what you want in your mind so you can make it happen.

This may sound “woo woo” to some of you but know this…

Visualization WORKS… and it’s more effective than you might imagine

Scientific research in Russia showed that Olympic athletes who spent more than HALF their time visualizing, performed much better than those who spent 100% of their time only on physical training.

If visualization is good enough for Olympians, it’s good enough for us!

But before you add visualization to your success toolkit, avoid this common mistake…

When you visualize, never “watch yourself” like you’re watching a movie.

You can harness the full power of visualization when you see everything through your own eyes.

If you want to win a race… visualize being in your body and seeing through your eyes as you bust through that finish line.

Add more sensory details if you can. Feel the sweat on your skin, hear the crowd cheering you on.

What are you going to visualize doing, having or achieving?

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