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There’s Only One You (Internet Famous Principle #1)


Photo by Todd MacDonald
Photo by Todd MacDonald

3 months ago at Message to Money Live we debuted t-shirts that said “You Know Me From the Internet”.

Everybody in the room wanted one — but we only had enough shirts for our staff.

The inspiration?

This year, for the first time in my life, I’ve started to walk into events and have people come up to me and say…

“I know you from the Internet.”

After this happened a few times, I realized that this is what my work is all about.

This is what I do for other people: I turn entrepreneurs into online superheroes. I help them become “internet famous.”

And I wanted to share some of my secrets with you over the next few months starting now, with the most important secret of them all.

Internet Famous Principle #1: There are 3,227,039,427 people online. But there’s only ONE you.

There’s only one you in the world.

And there’s only one you on the Internet.

You become “Internet Famous” when you turn up the dial on makes you, you.

When you turn up the dial on your self-expression, you can be heard over the noise of a billion website.

As humans, we want to be seen, heard and understood for who we are…. And we want to see, hear and understand others for who they are.

Your tribe wants to see the real you. The unmistakeable, authentic, boldly-expressed you. The version of you that got into trouble as a child… the version that doesn’t hold back in fear of judgment, criticism or misunderstanding.

And that other you? The diluted cookie-cutter play-it-safe play-it-small “mini” version of you? No one’s interested.

Internet Fame comes in all shapes & sizes… like a Benetton Ad, but not so PC. You’re never too young or too old, too fat or too thin, too Napoleon Dynamite or too Valley Girl.

You can find and build a tribe online no matter who you are.

When you give yourself permission to be the boldest expression of who you are, without fear of what people (aka your parents) think, you magnetize your tribe to you.

By “doing you,” you give your tribe permission to “do them.”

When more people be and do themselves, the world changes.

You change the world by being you.

Just “pump up the volume” and let that freak flag fly… J

So tell me, are you willing to be more you? Are you willing to be the “youest” version of you?

Stay tuned for my next post when I’ll tell you what “Internet Famous” really means… both to you and to your tribe.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know...

  1. matthew klein Avatar
    matthew klein

    “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
    ―Oscar Wilde
    Can’t thank you enough for your inspiration and writing help. My brand new show starts at my birth (came out in the elevator and life’s been up and down ever since!) and is called “The absolutely true story of Uncle Brother.” My audience loves it, and I am in bliss performing the best thing I have done in over 50 years on stage. Ready to do it for your next gathering. One hour (or more) of marvelous music and comedy …and all true!
    Thanks for being such a bright light, your Uncle Brother

  2. Hinda Avatar

    I love your idea of the shirt that says , “I know you from the Internet.” I want to take your course but I’m not quite there yet. I’m working towards being with you and your colleagues. Thank you for always remembering to send me your thoughts and teachings. I so adore you and think you are the best lady for me on the Internet . My special regards to Murray. Be blessed…..

    1. murray gray Avatar
      murray gray

      Thanks Hinda!

  3. Dolores Avatar

    Thank you Marisa for your advise. It can be hard to let yourself shine but what a freedom when you finally let go and be yourself. I am working on changing a lifetime of trying to please everyone else at the expense of myself. Happy to have met you in person as well as on the internet.

    1. murray gray Avatar
      murray gray

      Great to meet you too Dolores! I hope you find a way to put yourself first, not out of selfishness but out of the real power that comes from being aligned with yourself.

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