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Increase Your Thinking Power by Cutting Back on This…

It takes 80,000 computer processors 40 minutes to simulate 1 second of brain activity!

That’s according to recent research.

But despite this awesome processing power, the brain has some significant drawbacks.

A big one? Your brain drains your energy. Every time we think, we get a little more tired, a little less focused…

And a LOT less creative.

Turns out, decision-making drains brainpower more than any other activity.

Which means you should ONLY make decisions on the things that matter. This is why you see world class entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg wearing pretty much the same outfit. He doesn’t waste brain power on fashion!

So, don’t waste minutes (or hours) deciding what to wear or where to go for lunch.

This will affect your ability to make more important decisions like pricing your product or saying yes (or no) to a business partnership.

Now that you know this, tell me… where can you cut back on daily decisions? Leave a comment!

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