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Include These Universal “Drivers” and Your Products and Programs Will Pretty Much Sell Themselves

You spend weeks — even months — creating your products and programs and you KNOW they’re good… maybe even great.

But your sales numbers are SUPER low. What gives?

No matter how amazing your product, people will ignore it if it’s missing key universal drivers that motivate them to buy.

To get them reaching for their wallets, at least ONE of these 8 key drivers should be part of your sales and marketing messages. Share how your product can help people:

  1. Save time
  2. Save or make money
  3. Feel safe
  4. Become famous or successful
  5. Increase happiness
  6. Find love or community
  7. Improve health
  8. Look great

Let’s have some fun!

Think of these 3 products and services:

  1. Spanx
  2. Adult coloring books
  3. Tinder

Which universal drivers do each of these satisfy?

Share your answers in the comments. I’ll check back in soon!

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