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How to Transform Difficult Feedback & Harsh Criticism into Gold

You’re wrong.

I don’t like your suggestions.

Your ideas don’t work.

We’ve all received difficult feedback and often the experience is so bad we’ll do anything to avoid it.

But if you want success, you MUST learn to turn harsh feedback into gold.

You can do that by cultivating a “growth mindset.”

In her research, Stanford University professor Carol Dweck, gave a bunch of kids some puzzles. As each puzzle got more difficult, many kids gave up…

But some kept going.

Dweck found the kids who persisted had this thought, “These new harder puzzles are helping me get better at puzzles.”

That’s the growth mindset. It’s about knowing your skills are NOT fixed. You can grow and get better.

With a growth mindset, you can hear harsh criticism and USE the information. It’s not the end. It’s the start of becoming the best version of you.

Think of tough feedback you received. How can you use a growth mindset to turn it into gold?

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