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How to Come Up with Great Business Ideas Just Like That

Ever tried to have a great idea on purpose?

It probably felt like threading a needle… with a blindfold on!

Most entrepreneurs think great ideas arrive out of the blue.

We have zero control over how it happens.

But what if I told you that’s NOT true?

Idea generation is an organic process

It starts long before that AMAZING idea finally pops into your head in one memorable, “lightbulb moment”.

Here’s an effective way to fast track the process…

Introduce variety into your life. Read, watch and listen to material OUTSIDE your zone of genius.

A great idea is a complex mix of our experiences, thoughts, environment and relationships.

The more we add to the mix, the more our minds make unusual connections that lead to game-changing ideas just like that.

Don’t just read business books. Read mystery novels.

Don’t spend all your time in front of the computer. Work on your hobby.

Skip your favorite café this Saturday… and go somewhere new.

I’d love to know…

What’s something different you can do today to spark your next great idea?

Leave a comment!

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