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Hater-Proof: The Powerful, Positive Way to Handle Difficult People

Some people shine positive energy out into the world.

Then there are those who seem to be stuck in an invisible prison of negativity.

They’re defensive. They criticize everyone and everything.

They have temper tantrums…

When you’re in a room with them, it feels like you’re caught in a thunderstorm of negative energy…

Without an umbrella!

Here’s a powerful, positive method to handle difficult people…

The next time you’re up against someone negative — online or offline — create an emotional disconnect.

First, bring your attention to your own emotions and identify what you’re feeling. Anger, frustration, unhappiness…

Next, say to yourself, “This isn’t about me, it’s about them.”

With practice, you’ll find this simple 2-step process creates inner calm.

You’ll have the mental space you need to decide on your next move.

You might choose to stay and talk things through or walk away.

Remember: you can’t stop someone else from being negative.

But you CAN take control of how you feel at all times.

Where can you use this method to become “hater-proof”?

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