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Give Yourself Permission to Do These 3 Things and Reclaim Your Day

You can’t go back in time and you can’t skip to the future.

But you can reclaim time by minimizing distractions to increase productivity.

Here’s how…

Prioritize your task list, then give yourself 3 permissions:

Number 1: Permission to Take Imperfect Action

If you try to perfect your ideas before you take action you’ll get stuck and lose days — even weeks or months — waiting for perfection. You can get unstuck when you iterate your way to awesome by taking imperfect action.

Number 2: Permission to Be (a Little) Cold-Hearted

Ignore phone calls and messages from everyone until you’ve completed a task — especially deep work tasks like writing content — which requires lots of creativity and concentration. Continuous interruptions break your focus and you’ll lose precious time trying to get back into flow.

Number 3: Permission to Decline

Maybe your spouse can pick up the dry cleaning. Maybe you don’t have to attend your neighbor’s barbecue party. Say no more and you’ll reclaim your day from shiny distractions that stop you from getting things done!

So, which of these 3 permissions will you give yourself right now and why? Leave a comment!

See you tomorrow

So, which of these 3 permissions will you give yourself right now and why? Leave a comment!

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