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Get EVERYONE to Listen When You Speak

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and felt like you were talking to a wall?

They’re nodding along but they have a glazed look in their eyes. They’ve totally checked out!

You might be tempted to blame the other person… Why can’t they just listen?

But if you want people to listen when you speak, it’s not up to them… (pause)

It’s up to you.

There’s a simple secret you can use to get people to listen to you. Great speakers use it all the time:

Speak with authority.

You can increase your verbal authority with 2 simple techniques:

Number 1. Lower your tone of voice

Number 2. Speak a little slower than you normally do

This works whether you’re talking to 2 people or 2 thousand.

Just make sure you practice both of these techniques until it feels natural… you-don’t-want-to sound-like-a-robot!

Where can you practice verbal authority before the day is out?

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