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7 Email Drip Campaign Examples to Inspire Your Own in 2023

Looking for some drip campaign examples to enhance and inspire your own?

Perhaps the impressive ROI (Return On Investment) from email marketing has piqued your interest.

But how can you stand out amongst the crowd? 

Heck, where do you even start? 

And which campaigns should you automate?

In this post, I’ll answer these questions and more by walking you through 7 high-converting drip campaign examples from some of the world’s most savvy businesses and marketers.

Let’s dive in.

1. Magnetic Memory Method’s Welcome Drip Campaign

Dr. Anthony Metivier, the founder of Magnetic Memory Method, has mastered the art of improving your memory. 

So it will come as no surprise that his welcome drip campaign is, well, memorable.

Upon signing up for the memory improvement kit, you’re entered into an automated, 5-part series starting with the welcome email (above).

But why does this example shine where others have failed?

Why Magnetic Memory Method’s Drip Campaign Works So Well

First impressions matter.

Whether it’s in the digital universe via an email or if you’re on a first date.

Ultimately, it sets the tone for what’s to come.

The Magnetic Memory Method does this well by engaging new subscribers, building trust and personalizing their emails.

You don’t need to rely on standout designs, flashy images or videos — although, for some, this could work.

Just plain text that speaks to your audience.

Did you notice how they reinforce the benefits of the free course? How about the introduction at the bottom of the screenshot?

Although this is only a snippet of the drip campaign, each email works in unison to engage new subscribers and build trust.

You feel at ease, as if you’re having a conversation with a friend rather than a business.

Essentially, nurturing you to become a long-term subscriber and potential buyer.

What You Can Takeaway from Magnetic Memory Method

So, what can you learn from this drip campaign example?

Firstly, you don’t have to rely on flashy designs to catch your subscriber’s eye.

Plain text works when used correctly.

Build your readers’ trust and provide relevant, valuable and engaging information.

2. Canva’s Onboarding Drip Campaign

In contrast to the previous example, Canva are the masters of design.

The user-friendly platform allows you to design almost anything, from logo’s to Twitter banners.

So, you can expect a strong focus on imagery when it comes to their onboarding drip campaign.

Within minutes of signing up for a free Canva account, the onboarding process begins…

Why Canva’s Drip Campaign Works So Well

Do you notice the various CTA’s (Call to Action’s) within the first email of this series?

“Let’s get your first design started”

“Ready? Let’s get to it.”

“Get started now”

The screenshot above is only a snippet of the email. If you were to continue scrolling down, you will be presented with 11 in total. 

Each work together to get you to click through to their website.

Yet, it’s not a simple sales tactic.

Canva educates its subscribers. 

They offer beginner lessons for new users, in-depth guides on editing and links to helpful templates.

It reduces potential customer frustrations and helps move you along the sales funnel.

In fact, the final drip campaign email cleverly weaves in Canva Pro, an upgrade that comes at a cost.

At this point, you’ve been nurtured, offered valuable insights and built trust with the brand, it’s hard not to upgrade.

What You Can Takeaway from Canva

Whereas the Magnetic Memory Method shy’d away from imagery, Canva dives head first into it — with great effect.

Branded images, colors and logos are all optimized to draw you in.

But the golden nugget offered by Canva is to educate your target audience and build a lasting bond. Give your audience what they want and what they need.

If you’re a design platform like Canva, consider creating an onboarding drip campaign that shows your users how to create wonderful graphics.

If you sell wicker baskets, why not set up an automated series of emails to help beginners create their own?

3. Daily Stoic’s Educational Drip Campaign

Talking about educating your target audience, Daily Stoic takes a similar approach to their drip campaign.

Rather than a two or three-part automated drip campaign, they opt for a daily series with a simple CTA.

Yet, the example still works.

Here’s why…

Why Daily Stoic’s Drip Campaign Works So Well

By calling on the stoics of old, like Marcus Aurelius or Seneca, the Daily Stoic has established itself as a topical authority. 

Yet, it’s not as straightforward as placing a few famous quotes into an email. They’ve carefully crafted each with their thoughts and a target in mind…

To build trust, credibility and ultimately, a sale.

Each email nurtures you towards a CTA. In the example above, they ponder a successful day, more importantly:

“It’s whether or not you got better.”

After touching on some stoic wisdom, Daily Stoic presents the idea of being a better parent.

And that’s the hook.

Because shortly afterward, you’re presented with the CTA…

A book called “The Daily Dad.”

What You Can Takeaway from Daily Stoic

By now, you’re likely wondering what lessons you can learn here…

Well, educating your target audience with a short series of emails about your service or product can nurture leads.

But educating your target audience on a regular basis builds credibility in your niche and increases customer retention.

So, when someone is in need of expertise, they will head to you, the trusted source, rather than a competitor.

4. Amazon’s Upsell Drip Campaign

Amazon is perhaps the most recognized name on this list.

And probably one of the most successful at implementing an upsell and/or cross-sell drip campaign.

They cleverly weave a variety of products and services into your inbox to entice you and maximize revenue.

This particular example highlights audible, an additional paid subscription that is available to Amazon Prime users.

Yet, why is it on our list of magical drip campaign examples…

Why Amazon’s Drip Campaign Works So Well

Amazon understands the importance of returning customers and the positive impact it has on revenue.

Yet they have a few tricks up their sleeve to maximize your customer’s lifetime value.

First, the offer is targeted. 

Not only do I have an Amazon Prime subscription, but I read using my Kindle.

So, I may be tempted by an audiobook.

Second, they use relevant images from some of their popular ebooks.

Perhaps, I’ve spotted my next read?

Finally, they offer a free trial.

I’m sold.

I signed up, chose my two free audiobooks and explored the rest of what they had to offer.

And when it came to the end of my free trial, I upgraded to the paid service.

So, what could you upsell (or cross-sell) to your existing customers?

What You Can Takeaway from Amazon

By this point, you’ve likely picked up on a few key elements that you can take away from this example.

But let’s recap…

  • Target your existing customers with a product or service that adds value.
  • Use relevant images and highlight the important details to draw the reader’s eye.
  • If applicable, offer a free trial or discount.

The combination of all these elements amplifies the possibility of retaining your customers.

5. Kenneth Cole’s Abandoned Cart Drip Campaign

Next up is an abandoned cart email drip campaign from Kenneth Cole.

But what do we mean by abandoned cart?

It’s when a potential customer adds an item to their shopping cart, then decides to leave (or abandon) their items.

So, if the prospect has left, then surely they don’t want to buy? Right?

Well, yes and no.

Ultimately you will never know the exact reasons.

But that shouldn’t stop you from setting up an email sequence to attempt and win them back.

Why Kenneth Cole’s Drip Campaign Works So Well

Kenneth Coles skips straight to one of the most likely reasons users bounce — cost.

It could be the price of the item they’re purchasing or additional costs like shipping fees.

Yet, by offering a discount, you could overcome this pain point and increase your conversion rate.

But that’s not all.

Notice the use of language, relevant images and “YOUR EXCLUSIVE CODE.”

It’s personalized.

If you’re still not tempted, then within 24 hours, Kenneth Cole follows up with another email.

To tell the truth, they have a three-part email sequence.

The final email adds urgency by letting you know your cart and discount is about to expire.

What You Can Takeaway from Kenneth Cole

If you can take away anything from this example, it’s that you should have an abandoned cart drip campaign.

After all, the average abandonment rate is 69.99%, according to Baymard Institute.

So, why not convert a few customers that are on the fence by offering a personalized experience and an exclusive discount code?

6. Skill Yoga’s Re-Engagement Drip Campaign

Skill Yoga doesn’t hang around with their re-engagement drip campaign.

(Well, to some extent, they do — as you can see from the screenshot above.)

Yet, usually, a re-engagement campaign will trigger if a subscriber to your email list has become inactive over an extended period of time.

However, Skill Yoga launches its email sequence after 48 hours to get you to “keep going.”

But why?

Why Skill Yoga’s Drip Campaign Works So Well

Well, for one, it’s partly due to the nature of the “7 Day Morning Challenge.”

It’s difficult to begin a new routine. More often than not, people fail at the first hurdle.

So, Skill Yoga actively fights this pain point with an almost immediate re-engagement email.

Not only that, they personalize it by using your name and a few key questions:

“Need to reignite your motivation? Ask yourself why you’ve started.”

It’s straight to the heart of the matter and enhances your relationship with the company. They give you that kick up the… you need.

But it also shows they care about your development.

Re-engagement complete.

What You Can Takeaway from Skill Yoga

So, what are the key lessons here?

Running a re-engagement drip campaign can ignite a lost spark amongst your email subscribers.

It can turn a dormant user into a potential buyer and boost your bottom line.

So, what have you got to lose?

If some customers are inactive and not buying, why not try to win them back with a personalized email?

If all else fails, then you can improve your email list health by removing inactive subscribers.

Win, win.

7. Bulk’s Limited-Time Offer Drip Campaign

Perhaps the most recognized email drip campaign on this list is the limited-time offer or discount.

After all, who hasn’t received one, right?

Although they are common, it doesn’t mean they’re ineffective.

And this example from Bulk is no exception.

Why Bulk’s Drip Campaign Works So Well

Scarcity and urgency can nudge a customer towards a purchase.

Combine it with an enticing discount, then you may have found a recipe for success.

In Bulk’s case, they opted for “up to 70% off” their bestselling range with a striking banner that lets you know the offer expires at midnight!

It’s simple yet effective.

But this isn’t a stand-alone email. It’s part of an email sequence that builds towards the limited-time offer.

The first email in the sequence touched on the discount but focused on targeted products.

There was no sense of urgency. But, nonetheless, it will likely pique your interest.

The second email built on the first and set a future date. 

Now, if you’re in the market for supplements like me, then the offer is firmly on your radar.

The third and final email, seen above, sets the tone with the limited-time offer…


What You Can Takeaway from Bulk

So, what can you takeaway from this drip campaign example?

If you are considering offering a discount to existing or new customers, add a sprinkle of urgency and scarcity to your drip campaign.

But don’t go all guns blazing.

Build up to the offer. 

Set the tone with one or two automated emails first before letting them know that your wonderful discount is about to expire.

What’s Your Favorite Drip Campaign Example?

Let me know in a comment below!

And if you need even ideas, check out these email marketing examples, which highlights 11 more campaigns that’ll inspire you.

Good luck! You’ve got this 🙂

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