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Could You Use More BITE in Your Marketing?

In honor of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, I’m asking you this:

Do you need to add more BITE in your marketing?

If you haven’t been seeing enough sales, or if your audience isn’t responding to your message — then the answer is yes.

There’s SO much noise out there that your marketing — including your branding, promotions, and sales copy — MUST stand out.

You can’t be a happy dolphin all the time. You need to be a bold shark.

Get authentic in your marketing messages — even if that means being a little controversial at times.

Wherever possible, share your story. Don’t just talk about your wins. Share your losses. Your struggles. Your pain.

Your audience will get to know the REAL you and this is incredibly important because we buy based on emotion, not just logic.

Effective marketing is powerful. It’s authentic. It’s emotional.

Where can you add more bite into your marketing messages? Leave a comment!

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