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Anyone Can Develop a Photographic Memory. Here’s How to Create Yours…

In honor of World Photography Day, I’m sharing how to develop a photographic memory.

I know that’s not REAL photography but hey… I love wordplay!

There’s a simple technique that — with practice — will help you retrieve information from your mind just like that.

It’s called a memory palace.

Say you want to remember your shopping list. You have bread, eggs, glue and pet food on the list.

First, pick your memory palace or location. I recommend choosing your home.

Now, imagine walking through your house on a specific route. Start at the door, go into the living room, then kitchen and so on.

Now, match items on your shopping list to a specific “storage spot” along your route.

Bread by the door. Eggs on your living room couch. Glue in the kitchen. Pet food on your bed.

When you get to the grocery store, visualize your “memory palace” and you’ll recall the entire shopping list in an instant!

Where can you use a “palace” to uplevel your memory?  

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