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ALL Million-Dollar Entrepreneurs Apply this Strategy as Soon as Possible…

Entrepreneurs are more ambitious than the average bear.

And I know many of you watching have dreams of starting and growing a million-dollar business!

I know I did when I first started Live Your Message but I made a MAJOR mistake that seriously slowed my journey to the 7-figure mark…

I tried to do EVERYTHING all by myself for WAY too long!

Some of you may know that my personal superhero Murray eventually, came to my rescue.

He helped me with copy and a whole lot of strategy and marketing work.

But even after Murray was on the scene, I held on to doing everything myself like Smeagol held on to his “Precious” in Lord of the Rings — special shout out to all my Tolkien fans!

If I could go back in time and do it all again, I wouldn’t change much but I’d DEFINITELY start hiring, delegating and outsourcing work sooner rather than later.

It’s what all million-dollar entrepreneurs do.

What are some of the tasks in your business you can delegate or outsource as soon as possible?

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