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Why You Don’t Finish What You Start (And What You Can Do About It)

Think of a project you’re working on…

Maybe you just started on a 30-Day workout routine.

Maybe you’re writing a book.

You could be in the middle of a “quit sugar forever” plan.

Let me ask you…

Do you think you’ll get to the finish line? Will you actually quit sugar? Will you see your book on a shelf? Will you look in the mirror and see those flat abs and toned arms?

New projects are exciting.

We’re inspired. Enthusiastic.

But too often, we stop long before we get to the end zone. We think, “I just don’t have what it takes.”

I disagree.

We don’t finish NOT because we lack focus or drive but because we’re juggling TOO many projects at the same time!

Doing too much is the same as doing nothing.

Here’s the solution: prioritize 1 to 3 projects at a time.

You’ll have the energy, focus and motivation to follow through.

And you’ll get to do what we ALL want to do…

Get through that finish line!

Pick your top 1 to 3 projects right now and share in the comments!

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