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Marisa Murgatroyd


Is Your Website Making Money? How to Transform Your So-So Site into a Lean, Mean Conversion Machine

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So today, let’s talk about how to build an incredible website that helps turn subscribers into buyers and buyers into repeat customers.

First thing I want you to do is this…

Let yourself be guided by one simple, all-powerful question: How are you going to make money with your website?

Most people want a site that looks pretty, but the secret is to design a site that’s both beautiful AND works to build your business. Those generic templates you get from Squarespace or Wix or WordPress aren’t designed for conversion so it’s up to you to make your website your No.1 business-building asset.

Start by thinking of your site as the first step your prospects take to becoming a subscriber and ultimately a buyer and a repeat customer.

The secret is to design your site so your visitor’s first action aligns exactly with your business model or how you make the majority of your income, online. When you’ve got that covered, you need to think about their second, third, fourth, and ultimately, their fifth action.

The next thing you need to think about is design.

The big mistake people make is they think about design as “how do I want my site to look” when it’s really “the art and science of guiding attention”.  In other words — the primary function of site design is to support conversion.

Font styles, images and all the rest need to point to calls to action on your site and avoid distracting people from what you want them to focus on. Never let “beauty” interfere with the function or goals of your website.

Your website is almost like your “body double.” It meets and greets potential new customers long before you ever get a chance to do that. So, it’s really important that whatever you choose to put on your website is an authentic representation of you and your business.

When you have a website you can be proud of, when you have a website that feels good to you, it gives you a massive dose of confidence.

You can go out there and talk to pretty much anyone, anywhere about who you are and what you do because you know that when they get home and they Google your name, your website will send all the right signals and create a great first impression for you.

You’ll be well on your way to turning lots of new contacts into subscribers and ultimately, buyers. This is the ultimate reward for having the right website for your business 🙂

If you ignore any of these elements, you could end up being one of those entrepreneurs who spends months and months designing their website only to realize that it’s not doing anything for their business.

I don’t want this to happen to you…

So I’ve put together a Masterclass that includes high level insights and tips from my years and years of experience building beautiful and high converting websites for top entrepreneurs.

I’ll share the secret strategies you need to build a website that aligns precisely with your business model so you can skyrocket conversions.

I’ll also reveal the secret “Dos” and “Don’ts” of web design so you can send all the right signals to your dream clients and make your site look awesome at the same time.

So, if you want the inside track on how to turn your website into a lean mean conversion machine, then I invite you to click here and register for this Masterclass.

I really want you to start making some serious money off your website because when you have that experience of making money every single month from your site and eventually every week and maybe even every day, it’s going to transform your business forever.

Remember… The more you earn the more you can serve.

So, go ahead click here to register and join us on the masterclass.

Before you go, I’m curious…

What’s one thing you love about your current website and what’s one thing you absolutely can’t stand? Go ahead and share in the comments 🙂

Love it? Hate it? Let me know...

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