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The Experience Formula

We Made It! Time for Prizes

I just spent hours watching you all transform on camera — I laughed, I cried, I smiled.

You told me the experience was mind-blowing, life-changing, soul-touching, and just what you were looking for.

You shared your gratitude — for me and for the community — and you’ve inspired each other not just to keep going, but to continually grow, evolve, and push yourself to greater levels of expression.

I’m touched. I’m honored. And I’m beyond pleased to announce the winners of the Live Your Message 30 Day Video Challenge.

After much deliberation, here they are (drum roll please):

Most Transformed – Lisa McLoughlin

Audience Award – Dorine Nafziger
(Dorine let me know if you want the iPad or the scholarship to Message to Money)

Most Shy to Most Comfortable – Stephanie Ritz

Most Supportive Community Member – Ioana Voiculescu

Best Message – Carmen Lund
(Carmen, since you already have Hidden Story Power, I’m happy to give you the Video Superhero Pack or my next product on Personal Branding in Social Media (coming out in the fall) or you can give your copy to someone else — just let me know who)

Most Charisma – Sara Ballard

Worst First Video – Grace Shalom

Special Mention – Best Looking Videos – Hung Hoang
(Hung, you get a copy of Hidden Story Power too!)

Huge congratulations on your amazing work! You have truly inspired me and the community. And it’s been amazing watching you over the past 30 days and beyond.


1. WINNERS – Email Deb ([email protected]) with your contact information, so we can send you your prizes!

2. EVERYBODY – Leave me a note below and let me know whether I can use your videos/comments/testimonials in a follow-up blog post about the Challenge.

3. EVERYBODY – Let a note below letting us all know what your favorite video (or two) was out of all the ones you made… to make we were able to catch and possibly even share your greatest moment… 🙂

4. EVERYONE WHO FINISHED THE CHALLENGE – Remember that you get 2 tickets to Message to Money Live in October! Make sure Deb has your contact info if she haven’t given it to us already…


The Challenge is over, but the cameras roll on.

So in a sense… the Challenge is really just beginning.

Now go out there and Live Your Message!

Love it? Hate it? Let me know...

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