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The Experience Formula

Why Togetherness, Friendship & Love are the Tickets to Raving Fans and Satisfied Customers

A while back, I started a video series on a powerful concept known as “emotional markets.” I planned to share 6 videos but ended up recording just 2.

[Click here to catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 of the series if you haven’t already]

I’m a strong believer of “it doesn’t matter what you start, it matters what you finish” so here I am, finishing that series 6 years later… 🙂

So, I first learned about emotional markets from a book called The Dream Society by Rolf Jensen, which is about how information is giving way to imagination and how it’s going to transform the way we do business. 

Rolf is a futurist and he predicted years and years ago that marketing was moving away from data, logic and information and moving toward imagination and the stories people tell to sell their products. 

He talks about how people will no longer buy based on information alone but based on the stories and the emotional needs each product fulfills. 

The book goes into 6 different emotional markets and how each market fulfills a different need in people’s hearts and minds so they’re motivated to buy a particular product or service. 

When I started that 6-video blog series on emotional markets, I made the decision to record each video on location at different businesses and stores in New Orleans.

Today’s video is at Congo Square and it’s the perfect place to talk about the emotional market of togetherness, friendship and love and here’s why…

It’s Not Just About Selling a Product Anymore…

So, back in the early 1800s Congo Square was where slaves would gather on Sundays (their only day off).

Those were some pretty epic gatherings — 500 to 600 people — and they would play music, sing and dance the Congo, the Juba and the Bamboula. They set up a market and even practiced voodoo at the Square.  

And it was those native African influences that began to form so much of the cultural heritage of New Orleans. 

Mardi Gras and some of the great jazz traditions of the city emerged from those African roots and it all started because the slaves needed a place to create a new story of togetherness, friendship and love for their community.

And the really cool thing about this emotional market is that it’s based on rituals and ceremonies. It’s based on symbols of coming together and having these shared experiences.

That’s the heart of Rolf Jensen’s message…

People will buy from businesses and brands that bring them together around shared values and experiences.

And the best businesses in this emotional market are about the tribe that’s created around a brand, because it’s not just about selling a product or service anymore, it’s really about the shared experience people have and what it says about them when they choose your product over every other product out there. 

The Reason They’ll Gravitate Toward You

So togetherness, friendship and love is one of the 6 core emotional markets that give people a reason to gravitate toward you and your business over everyone else. 

So how can you bring people together through shared stories, rituals, symbols and ceremonies? How can your marketing and your business stand for something more than just what you sell? 

Let me know in the comments whether togetherness, friendship and love is an emotional market that you want to tap into, in your business and your marketing.

Also, stay tuned because I’ve got 3 more emotional markets to share with you! 

In my next video I’m going to talk about the emotional market of care, which is one of the most emotional of the emotional markets 🙂

Care is not just about what you provide but how you provide it. It’s in the delivery of your products and services, which is so important today (plus the location I chose to represent this particular emotional market is extra special!).

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments how you plan to use the emotional market of togetherness, friendship and love to connect with your tribe and to transform your business  so it’s unlike any other business out there.

Now go out there and Live Your Message 🙂

Love it? Hate it? Let me know...

  1. Janine Gregor Avatar
    Janine Gregor

    Hi Marisa, I enjoy all of your blogs and videos but this series really connects with who I am in my heart both personally and professionally. Thank you. 💕

    I get a lot of ‘tire kickers’ , as you well know for my VA Matchmaker service. And at one time, these conversations ate through my time that I put up an obstacle to vet people more thoroughly before I spoke to them and would send them in another direction, which didn’t always sit well with me to do that.

    More recently I opened my time back up to those wanting VA help but we’re stumbling with the decision. I realize that just being together with them…on their side was worth the effort it took to make time for the confused, the frustrated and the aloneness entrepreneurial growth can often bring.

    I go into these calls with no expectations of a sale. I’ve taken the role of someone people can lean on and can commiserate with the challenges of their growth.

    As a result, these ‘togetherness conversations’ have helped people to sort through their difficulties, give them goals to reach and in some cases have given them the knowledge to know that they don’t have to do it all alone.
    And consequently, they remember me, refer me and tell me they want to work
    with me. That result fascinated me because that was not my intention at all.

    The amazing result from taking a togetherness approach is how good I feel about myself when I shifted my thinking and aligned more of myself and who I am with what I do.

    Looking forward to your Caring video. 💕

    1. Marisa Murgatroyd Avatar
      Marisa Murgatroyd

      Aww I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying this series Janine! That’s a great approach — just being “with” them in their state of confusion or apprehension is going to automatically garner trust and gives you an incredible opportunity to establish your expertise and offer a solution even if it’s later on down the line. You’re taking the time to establish a relationship first and foremost and it sounds like your audience is very open and receptive to that so keep it up!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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