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The Stop Doing List and Why You Need One. Now.

You have a to-do list. I have a to-do list. Everyone has a to-do list!

But what about a Stop Doing List? 

As an entrepreneur, your Stop Doing List is JUST as important as your to-do list.

Maybe even MORE important.

With a Stop Doing list you’ll minimize overwhelm and avoid a problem many entrepreneurs struggle with: doing a lot but achieving very little.

Your Stop Doing List consists of 3 categories:

One – tasks that can be automated.

Two – tasks that can be delegated

And three – the 80% of tasks on your to-do list that won’t move the needle. These can be deleted.

Even if you can’t implement your Stop Doing List right away, it’s good to know what needs to be automated, delegated or deleted in your business.

Your Stop Doing List is your secret weapon. It lets you take back your time and maximize productivity.  So, what’s on your Stop Doing List? Leave a comment!

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