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The Experience Formula

The Power of Video + An Invitation

It was the weirdest thing.

The day I worked up the courage to step in front of the camera, my business changed.

All of a sudden — I felt different to my tribe. They could connect with me, look into my eyes, and feel what kind of person I really was.

They started engaging with me and buying from at levels I couldn’t imagine before.

And when I sent out an invitation last month inviting them to join me in a 30 Day Video Challenge, they responded in droves.

This one simple invitation got 464 likes and 69 tweets without any advertising. And, best of all, 297 people joined our Facebook group and committed doing the Challenge with me.

At that moment, I realized without a shadow of a doubt that Video is the Future of Marketing.

I believe in this so much that I’ve gathered the top 10 Superheroes of Video Marketing for a FREE 10-Day Summit starting May 13.

If learning the tricks to driving traffic, forming relationships, and making serious bucks in your business with video is something you’re interested in, then claim your free pass here:

My advice: register for these free trainings — even if you’ve never thought about video before.


– 90% of people report that they find video helpful to reach buying decisions

– Nearly twice as many people click through if you include a video in your email

– The average site visit time is less than 15 seconds, but when you include video on your site, that skyrockets to over 4 min.

Commit to putting aside time to attend just a single free training a day between May 13 & 24 and you’ll learn:

– how you can make impressive video effortlessly, with equipment you already own, (like the smartphone in your pocket right now.)

– Quickly make $1,000’s online with simple videos that you don’t even have to be in if you don’t want to

– Claim instant authority and credibility as an authority in your field

– Reach tens of thousands of people with your message

– Pre-qualify and pre-select your ideal clients

– Easily fill your business and programs with 1,000s of the right people

– Start a real, lasting movement around your big message for the world

– Activate a never-ending tide of rising engagement and sales

WANT IN? Click here:

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