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Entrepreneurial Pitfall: Why Taking Too Much Action Can Actually Screw Up Your Business

As entrepreneurs, we know that we’re here on this planet to do something special.

We’re here to help change the world in the way that only we can — to help people live happier, freer, more fulfilling lives — and to create a life and a business we love while doing it.

But these days, most of us aren’t able to make the full impact we’re truly here to make.


Because today, running a business is a lot like trying to make sense of a really confusing traffic sign… 

You have somewhere you’re trying to get to in your business, like a specific number of people you want to help, or a revenue goal you want to hit.

But every day, you’re shown more and more paths to reach your destination!

Webinars. Podcasts. Instagram. SEO. YouTube. Livestreams. Facebook ads. Funnels. Products.

The list is endless!

So like most entrepreneurs, you choose not just 1 path or 2, but 3, 4 or even 5 to go down at the same time, hoping that just ONE of them will get you to your destination.

But something’s wrong — your focus is split. You become stressed. You’re going in too many directions at once.

And even though you’re moving forward, progress is slow.

There’s lots of sudden starts and stops. Your destination still remains far, far away. And at times, it may even feel like you’re moving backward in your business.

And, ultimately, it’s all the people that you know you’re here to help through your business who suffer… because they never get the benefit of your products or services.

But what if there were a GPS you could use for your business…?

One where you could punch in your business destination, and this GPS would instantly show you the #1 SMARTEST and FASTEST path to get where you want to go – including the pile ups to avoid that are slowing other entrepreneurs down!

Just imagine how much more quickly and easily you’d reach the people you want to reach, and generate the revenue you want to generate…

Just imagine how much smoother and more FUN the ride would be!

Several years ago I was doing EVERYTHING I thought I should be doing to grow my business.

By 2012, I actually had 22 different product ideas and marketing projects running simultaneously! I was waiting for one of them to gain traction and go big.

The problem wasn’t taking action, it was taking too much action.

I was moving in too many directions. Spreading myself too thin.

I was constantly thinking about my business, day and night.

And no matter how many hours in the day I worked, my income pretty much stayed the same.

I knew it wasn’t sustainable, but I couldn’t see a way out.

Eventually, I even started resenting my business, because I felt like it was sucking the life right out of me!

But then, out of total desperation, I ground everything to a halt and looked at my entire business with fresh eyes.

And by answering a few key questions, I got crystal clear on what my unique message was, and the kind of business and lifestyle I wanted to create.

And when I did that, it was like entering a destination into a GPS.

I immediately saw that I’d created all of these disconnected products, and that I was pursuing all of these tactics and strategies that were just sucking my time and energy and leading me further and further off course.

No wonder I was feeling so much stress and struggle in my business!

But now, for the first time since I started my business, I was finally able to clearly see exactly what I needed to do next to move the needle in my business right nowTODAY.

I’d finally discovered my Message to Money Pathway — a clear roadmap for precisely how to broadcast my message out into the world, magnetize more customers to my business, and inspire those customers to invest more money, more often.

And this pathway — it fit onto just one sheet of paper.

Following this pathway, I tripled my income within the next 12 months.

Not only was I making a much larger impact through my business, I was clearer, more focused and having way more fun!

The road before me was clear. All the lights were green. And I was moving steadily forward, gaining speed and momentum.

All of the struggle I had been feeling was now behind me.

I finally felt like I could just get on with it, and do what I knew I was here to do.

Soon, other entrepreneurs started asking me the secret behind my accelerated growth.

And so, I began teaching my Message to Money Pathway at an annual 3-day event called Message to Money LIVE.

Since then, thousands of entrepreneurs have discovered how to finally clear away all of the noise and distraction that’s been stunting their business growth.

They now know their exact Message to Money Pathway.

And, as a result, they’re finally back to loving their businesses, and enjoying more balance, freedom and peace of mind than ever before!

Now, I want to do that for you too.

If you’re ready to work LESS while gaining even GREATER momentum, and making a much larger impact in the world, then Message to Money LIVE is THE place for you to be.

Message to Money LIVE is NOT the event for you if you want more tactics, more strategies, and a longer to do list for your business.

Message to Money LIVE is about clearing away all of the tactics and strategies that DON’T apply to your business, and charting a CLEAR, fail safe course to the impact, income and lifestyle you want.

Never again will you find yourself sitting at a standstill, or driving around in circles, trying to figure out what to work on next in your business.

Or worse yet, wasting weeks, months or even YEARS going in the WRONG direction!

At Money to Message Live, you’ll discover your pathway to seven figures (and higher) with brilliant clarity.

You’ll finally see exactly where to focus your precious time and energy, so that you maximize your results.

And you’ll be joined by hundreds of inspiring entrepreneurs and change agents from dozens of different countries who are all up to big things in the world, just like you.

The energy, quality of conversation, and breakthrough insights you’ll have will be truly unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

But the clock is ticking! Message to Money LIVE happens just once a year, and this year’s event is filling up fast.

If you’re ready to finally put the top down in your business and enjoy the ride… And make the impact in the world that you know you’re truly here to make. Then click here now to register for Message to Money LIVE while there’s still time.

I look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles in March!

Love it? Hate it? Let me know...

  1. Jim Long Avatar
    Jim Long

    I really resonate with your message, Marisa. Your clarity is reflectied in your business and also in the way you deliver it. I have tried and failed at building lists, becoming an affiliate for pre made products only to be completely overwhelmed and confused. I always thought it was my fault.

    This is a breath of fresh air and, for the first time, I feel like I am being mentored into empowerment.

    I am ready for my life to be easier. Thank you.

    1. Marisa Murgatroyd Avatar
      Marisa Murgatroyd

      I totally get it Jim. I’ve been there before as well. Knowing what to do and when to do it is one of the biggest challenges of owning your own business. So glad you are finding the guidance and encouragement you need here 🙂

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