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The Experience Formula

Better than Silence: Watch This Before You Say, Broadcast or Write Anything

Before I hit the record button, before I broadcast or publish anything, I like to remind myself of this quote by George Bryant, “Is what you’re going to share, say or do better than the silence.”

If you want to learn a fail-proof method for making your message not just “better than silence”, but a lighthouse that powerfully pulls in your ideal tribe, then check out this powerful no-cost training by marketing genius Todd Brown that’s available ONLY until Monday 12pm ET.

It’s called “This Is How To Get Your Prospects To Want To Listen, Want To Watch, And Want To Buy Everything You Offer” and when you click you’ll see me on video, telling you why it’s so important you watch the entire training before it gets taken down tomorrow.

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  1. Sabrina Avatar

    Hey girl Marisa, how are you ? Long time no see. Please give me a call I’ll like to talk to you Thanks.

    1. Marisa Murgatroyd Avatar
      Marisa Murgatroyd

      Which Sabrina is this? 🙂

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