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Success Stories

There’s No Such Thing as
a Self-Made Millionaire

They Say That Behind Every
Great Business Is a Great Community

That’s why our mission is to inspire and empower you to embrace your gifts to create great change in the world — both for you and the people you serve.

Or as we like to say:

“We help you get so excited about changing your life that you stop dreaming and start doing.”

Everyone has a dream…

But what turns that dream into a reality is ACTION.

We’re here to help you focus your power, potential & purpose into the right actions, so you can build a business that expresses who you are… and changes the world in the process.

We help you get so excited about changing your life that you stop dreaming and start doing.

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Business Curious

You’re curious about online entrepreneurship and starting a business but haven’t taken the leap.

Business Explorer

You’re in the early stages of launching an online business and making less than $2500/month. You may still have a job or other income source.

Making Money Consistently

You’re a committed online business owner who earns a consistent living from your business (between $30-99K a year).

6-Figure Business

You’re an established entrepreneur with a proven model that’s bringing in at least $100K/year and you want to grow your business to 7-figures.

Empire Builder

You’re an ambitious entrepreneur whose business is generating at least $1M/year. You’re motivated to scale your business income and impact.

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Jonathan Mitchell

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