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30 Small Business Website Examples (Our Favorites of 2024!)

If you’re still thinking about the next steps in creating your website but feeling stuck, look no further. We’ve rounded up the best small business website examples that are sure to motivate and inspire you. 

But before we bury ourselves in this eCommerce treasure trove, it’s important to know what separates the bland and boring from the sharp and snazzy when it comes to a small business website…

In truth, there are lots of little things that make an excellent site. (And, of course, there are the big ones too!)

But when you boil it all down, the bread-and-butter behind a wonderful and woo-worthy website is:

Connection and clarity.

Connection, because your site’s combo of images, colors, and copy needs to vibe with your visitors.

And clarity, because visitors need to know what your business offers and why they should stick around.

So, are you ready to explore 30 enchanting examples of small business websites that nailed it?

Let’s dive in!

1. htmlBurger

htmlBurger is a web design firm with a long track record. A custom WordPress theme? An eCommerce website from scratch? They eat that stuff for breakfast.  

What htmlBurger Does Really Well

Instantly, htmlBurger smacks you in the face with a dynamic hero shot along with clever, benefit-driven copy and clear calls to action. 

From there, everything on the website is friendly, easy-to-digest, and visually engaging. It’s everything you’d expect from a top-shelf web dev.

2. Studio Neat

Studio Neat designs and sells gadgets and apps that solve simple, everyday problems. 

What I Like About Studio Neat

Studio Neat is a great example of a gadget-based small business website that puts its products in the spotlight. 

Crisp imagery, short-and-sweet product demo videos and to-the-point copy make this website feel like a precision-made machine.

3. Picto Watches

If minimalist watches are your jam, then make way for Picto, a popular watch brand from Denmark.

What’s Cool About Picto Watches

The website — like the watches — uses a bold, minimalist design. The thick black outline around featured images, the navigation bar, and CTA buttons add some contrast and oomph to keep it eye-catching and easy to navigate. 

Also, the minimal copy ensures visitors focus on the watches above all else.

4. Ballsy

Ballsy is an all-natural men’s bath and body eCommerce store with a cheeky personality.

How Ballsy Stacks Up

Ballsy is jam-packed with funny, pun-infused copy that’s edgy but still clean 😉

And to top it all off, the professional photography and custom vector graphics add a level of refinement that get this website into our top site picks..

5. Puffin Packaging

Puffin Packaging makes temperature insulated packaging from sheep’s wool. It’s a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to polystyrene that also keeps food cool for up to 24 hours.

What I like About the Puffin Packaging Website

The blue and white colors are easy on the eyes, and a grid layout keeps things orderly and simple to read. The friendly copy snippets explain the product in simple terms while still making the benefits clear… and making this a design winner. 

6. Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon is a high protein, low carb, grain-free, and keto-friendly cereal. 

Here’s What Makes Magic Spoon’s Site  Special

This website is whimsical — filled with interactive content designed to bring out your inner child. 

With a color palette that feels like the inside of a genie’s lamp and copy that embraces the brand’s playful nature, this is a website you won’t forget.

7. Blue Agave Restaurant

Blue Agave is a Mexican-themed restaurant with a fun personality (and a website to match).

What’s Interesting About Blue Agave Restaurant

The Blue Agave website is all about capturing the aesthetic and feeling of the restaurant experience. 

The site features mouth-watering photos of its dishes and on-brand imagery adds a bit of oomph without overpowering the site’s most important information — the menu, hours, location, and delivery options.

8. Milk Jar

Milk Jar is a Canadian craft candle business specializing in wooden wick candles and diffusers.

Here’s Why I’m a Fan of Milk Jar’s Site

Milk Jar does the simple things right: it’s romantic and polished.

Clean, consistent product photography helps legitimize the business, and behind-the-scenes imagery shows visitors that every candle is genuinely handcrafted.  

9. The Sweet Soaperie

The Sweet Soaperie is a local indie business that serves up bakery-themed bath bombs, lotions, and soaps.

How The Sweet Soaperie Stands Out

Browsing through this website is like strolling through Wonka’s factory. 

Featured products and slider menus show candy-coated goodness with every click and the branding is on point. 

The company’s integrated Instagram gallery is where the real magic happens… revealing the vibrant color kabooms hidden in every bath bomb.

10. Jellypepper

Jellypepper is an award-winning digital agency focusing on branding, web development, and app design for businesses big and small.

Here’s The Deal With Jellypepper

Jellypepper’s site design aims to clearly show what they can do for clients. 

A clear value proposition, eye-catching images, testimonials, big deal client logos and a fast-paced showreel are all stitched into a lean website design. 

11. Drip

Drip is a marketing automation tool designed for eCommerce businesses. It integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, and most major platforms.

What I Like About Drip

The heavy use of magenta on buttons and graphics catches your eye instantly. And the hover animation in the navigation menu adds a surprising color pop. 

12. Traackr

Traackr is an old school influencer marketing platform, providing tools agencies and brands need for managing successful influencer campaigns.

What Makes Traackr Pop

A contrasting color palette sets the backdrop for concise, benefit-driven copy and staggered, tasteful screenshots demonstrate the bells and whistles of the platform. 

I also like that Traackr shares data from real-world case studies… because what better way to prove the platform works than by showing real results?  

13. Super Team Deluxe

Super Team Deluxe sells pins, patches, prints, and stickers inspired by pop culture.

Here’s the Secret Sauce of Super Team Deluxe

Products are presented on a massive grid layout so you don’t miss a thing. The hilarious copy embodies the wackiness of the brand.

And hover animations over buttons and product previews help crank up the style and personality.

14. Harry’s Razors

Harry’s is a men’s razor brand that produces simple, high-quality razors and accessories. 

Harry’s: A Simple Approach That Works

Muted, neutral colors add to the website’s masculine feel, and no-BS copy and simple visuals make everything feel uncomplicated, much like the products themselves.

And the video-style hero shot gives visitors a brief but engaging demonstration of Harry’s products on actual faces.

15. Our Place

Our Place is a B2C cookware company that uses ethical labor and sustainable materials in its products.

How Our Place Gets You in The Feels

You’ll open the Our Place website to find an inviting hero shot, heavy-hitting social proof, and a nesting-doll-style image of their flagship product, the Always Pan

Every piece of copy on the site is emotionally evocative, promoting a home-cooked meal as a hub for human connection.

16. Vessi

Vessi makes the world’s first waterproof, sand proof, and snow-and-slush-proof sneakers. 

What Makes Vessi so Cool

Vessi wastes no time in grabbing their visitors’ attention with dynamic action shots of their shoes. 

The down-to-earth copy and fun, subtle animations convey the company’s worry-free marketing vibe — kind of like jumping in digital puddles.

Also, check out the site copy’s teal color scheme…

Did it make you think of water too? 

Clever, right? 

17. RemoteHQ

RemoteHQ is a browser-based virtual workspace tool for better remote collaboration.  

What’s Interesting About Remote HQ

Product screenshots with short, helpful explanations (and directional arrows) get you up to speed with product features quickly. 

18. Built by Buffalo

Built by Buffalo is a small web design and development agency based in the UK that’s gained a reputation for building easy-to-use and attractive websites.

How Built by Buffalo is Breaking Barriers

The buffalo icon in the main menu is memorable, and the honeycomb-patterned tiles with client logos create a memorable design feature.

On project pages, they feature past client work using full-page screenshots — showing potential new clients what they’re capable of building. 

19. Moment Skis

According to their website, Moment Skis is the biggest little ski company in the world, manufacturing top-rated skis with mind-blowing artwork.

Why Moment Skis Has the Coolest Little Ski Website in the World

The artwork is the showstopper… and Moment Skis wears it proudly.

Quality images of their products are splashed across their homepage, with zoomed-in versions featured on product pages. 

And the copy? 

It’s fun, loaded with humor and definitely crafted for its audience. 

20. Ridge Wallet

Ridge Wallet sells slim, minimalist wallets made from aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber — for a ruggedly stylish look.

The Ride Wallet Playbook in 38 Words

Ridge Wallet exudes confidence with a sleek and modern look, using lots of black and white. 

The copy speaks to an audience that appreciates high-quality and functional minimalist products, and the on-brand Instagram gallery enhances the overall experience. 

21. Nutshell

Nutshell is an all-in-one growth software platform, complete with CRM, sales automation, and email marketing features.

Nutshell… in a Nutshell

The friendly tone and cartoonish images give a punch of positivity, and the demo video on the homepage leaves you wanting more.

The tweet-format testimonials reveal a raw and unfiltered look at what customers are saying.

And the posts on their blog are surprisingly helpful (and written for SEO).

22. BluBox

BluBox is an Australian company that makes fashionable glasses to mitigate the damage blue light (from our digital devices) causes on our eyes.

How BlueBox Thinks Outside the Box

The large images on the homepage are seductive and create interest and intrigue. 

The guides, reviews, and blog posts (featuring info about light and eye health, etc.) show website visitors that BluBox is the real deal.

23. Incomee

Incomee is an all-in-one accounting tool marketed toward freelancers. It comes battle-ready with some pretty useful features like an easy-to-use dashboard and built-in CRM.

Why Incomee Gets a Big Thumbs-Up

Incomee nails clarity with easy-to-read, benefit-led headlines and short, feature-rich copy.  

The entire website feels polished and the engaging screenshots give potential customers a sneak peek inside the platform.

24. Caliper

Caliper produces dissolvable, THC-free CBD powder that can be added to both cold and hot foods and beverages.

What’s Cool About the Caliper Website

The Caliper website uses a pharmaceutical-like design to legitimize the brand and build trust with skeptical consumers — because there’s a lot of information (and misinformation) out there about CBD.

As a result, every image and piece of copy is clean, professional, and informative. 

25. Valesca

Valesca creates men’s handcrafted Italian leather shoes and accessories like wallets, belts, and bags. Their collections are high quality, and their website is just as refined.

Why Valesca is Next-Level

Valesca’s website uses a full-width design with gorgeous Italian backdrops. 

Complete with animations, dynamic content, custom menu icons, and a soothing color scheme, this website screams classy.

26. Kraftful

Kraftful is a B2B company that builds apps for communicating with smart home devices, like security cameras, thermostats, and lightbulbs, to name a few. 

What’s so Crafty About Kraftful Anyway?

If easy-to-digest was the goal of this website, Kraftful passes with flying colors. 

A minimalist approach gets their message across quickly and concisely without all the techno-speak.

And the controlled use of color is just enough to keep things interesting. 

27. Piboco

Piboco is a kids’ digital library app with a collection of interactive books from around the world. With hand-drawn illustrations, sound effects, and music, Picobo provides a complete storytelling experience.

A Picture Book Site That Tells a Story

Subtle animations add whimsy to the website without taking the focus away from other elements. And the fun, vibrant cover art scattered across site pages entices visitors to click, look, and listen — it’s a website made for next-level storytelling. 

28. Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge is a small business that makes artisan-style kettle chips and flavored popcorn (this site had me at artisan-style kettle chips).

How Covered Bridge Nails it

Background images keep with Covered Bridge’s rustic feel… with weathered wood and sun-soaked fields weaving the company’s farming roots into its website design. 

Every product is tastefully displayed on their homepage, and there’s also a clever hover/on-click animation that adds an unexpected surprise.  

29. Geologie

Geologie is a men’s skincare company selling lotions, creams, and acne treatment products.

Why Geologie is More Than a Cool Name

Geologie believes men should take better care of their skin.

Through strategically placed images and customer testimonials, they create value to nudge users toward buying. 

And to seal the deal, they offer a personalized skincare tool that curates products based on individual needs — it’s how this site delivers a great combo of function and design.

30. Kitchen

Kitchen is a client-contractor project communication tool made for freelance creatives such as web designers, copywriters, and digital marketers.

What’s Makes Kitchen Sizzle

The landing page features the company’s unique value proposition before leading visitors through a series of screenshots and clear platform descriptions and benefits. 

But despite the magnitude of Kitchen’s content, the responsive web design ensures nothing feels clunky, even on a mobile device.

Now it’s Your Turn…Time to Build Your Woo-Worthy Small Business Website!

These 30 small business website examples cut through the noise and deliver the design goods.

That’s 30 pieces of inspiration.

30 proven frameworks.

And 30 incredible website cheat sheets to help you craft your own digital brand identity.

I can’t wait to see where your woo-worthy website will take you… and your business!

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