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Top 10 Membership Site Platforms + How to Pick the Best 4U!

Top 10 Membership Site Platforms

You need a membership site. That’s what every one of your peers tells you. Coaches, consultants, authors, healers, and speakers all make extra money with a membership site.
But what kind of membership site should you use?

Are You Starting a Movement or Launching a Product? The Answer Could Make (or Break) Your Business

starting a movement

So what would Gandhi or Greta Thunberg or Martin Luther King do if they were launching a product? They wouldn’t… they’d start a movement. Think about it… Greta and Gandhi and MLK didn’t “launch” an idea or a belief, they created a movement around their cause. And that’s one of the biggest reasons why they … Read more

Do NOT Break This Marketing Rule if You Want to Sell Anything

TBH lots of people suck at sales and marketing. They drag themselves through expensive courses and training programs hoping to get better, but never see any results. That’s probably because they’re breaking the #1 Rule in Marketing (and they don’t even know it!) I’m sharing this almighty marketing rule (and how not to break it) in today’s post…

The Lost Art of Teaching: How to Make More Money & Have More Impact by Embracing Your Inner Teacher

There are four levels of teaching and each level of teaching is more valuable and more valued than the next in that people are willing to pay more money for it.

Your Hidden Story: What Parts of You Are You Leaving Out of Your Business that Would Give it the Unique Voice in the Market You Secretly Desire?

This morning I got an email from my dad — a one-paragraph missive from deepest Saudi Arabia… Dear Marisa, I arrived yesterday in Riyadh and will be here on a World Bank mission until Dec. 14 when I return to Costa Rica. I haven’t seen much of the country yet, but the area around the … Read more

There’s Only One You (Internet Famous Principle #1)

3 months ago at Message to Money Live we debuted t-shirts that said “You Know Me From the Internet”.

Everybody in the room wanted one — but we only had enough shirts for our staff.

The inspiration?

This year, for the first time in my life, I’ve started to walk into events and have people come up to me and say…