The only business accelerator structured around you & your unique business needs

Most Business Strategies don't take YOU or YOUR BUSINESS into account in any way-- we'll help you find your path with the right type of support that's specially crafted just for you.



Between entrepreneurs who experience "normal" growth and the ones who achieve outsized results?

The ones who grow MUCH faster than everyone else?

Who seem to come out of nowhere to disrupt an entire industry?

People like Elon Musk... the only person on the planet to have founded not 1, not 2, but FOUR billion dollar companies?

What's their secret? How do they do it?

They have a secret weapon that few people know about...


Elite minds focused on getting the most out of small - but crucial - parts of their business.

People with direct, specific and deep expertise in some important part of their business.

People with the kind of skill and perspective to have insights that could be worth... not just thousands... but potentially MILLIONS of dollars.

A "brain trust" of people who provide a constant flow of insights, ideas and strategies you'd NEVER come up with yourself, alone, sitting at your desk.

So Who’s in Your Brain Trust?

Who will be the handful of people whose ONLY job it is to bring you the million-dollar insights, ideas, and business breakthroughs?

To guide you so you don't just hit your minimum goals... Their sole purpose would be to help you do so much better than that.

A result that perhaps you can't even imagine is possible for yourself right now.

If you’re serious about accelerating your progress and launching a blockbuster digital product, course or program QUICKLY, then you need something truly special.

You need an elite team of experts in product creation and marketing right at your fingertips for the next 12-months. A team that can turn your product into so much more than anything you can create on your own. That’s the power of perspective.

Here’s the problem - most business owners don’t know how to put together a brain trust of this caliber and they end up leaving a lot on the table.


What if there were a way to hire them for the next 12 months and put their expertise to work for YOU and your success?

Well -- a team like this IS available.

Since 2015 we've worked closely with hundreds of students in our Momentum program who all wanted the deepest possible support to avoid the usual mistakes and accelerate their entrepreneurial journey.

Hear From Our Students

I gained the confidence and know-how to carry my vision forward!”

“I had a big, nebulous idea that I could make a business out of, but I couldn’t define what that would look like in the real world. Through my experiences in Blue Sky Mentorship, I was able to take it from an idea with no form and create my brand, define what I do and how I help change people’s lives, organize the logistics of actually running a business, and most importantly uncover how to get my message out into the world.”


“I sold my first $10,000 package. To date, I’ve had two $50,000 sales.

“My view of sales and the services I offer have changed drastically since joining Blue Sky Mentorship. I no longer feel the need to discount my services in order to make a sale. My master mentor helped me work through my money beliefs, allowing me to enjoy the pleasure of abundance rather than the pain of scarcity. The retreats are heavy-duty work sessions that challenge you to thinking critically, brainstorm new ideas and continuously improve.”


I doubled my investment with the first contract I signed!”

“Within 4 months I was able to retire from my full-time position and dedicate my life to serving communities in a different way. I made $92,000, which was double what I made from my government job. I’m on track to make over six figures this year!”


“In what seemed like overnight, I made my first $10K!

“After testing several things, I finally got clarity around my message and started to see what my business could be. In what seemed like overnight, I made my first $10K! I continued to refine my message and work my plan to create a year with a predictable flow of at least $7,000 per month from my new business. I’m glad I took the year to get the clarity I have with my business.”



Our Momentum Model starts with the Activate Stage, because we believe that the only way to have lasting success and fulfillment is to build a business that leverages your strengths and passions and ultimately gives you what you want...

See, the reason MOST business-building programs fail to deliver results is that they're based on a one-size-fits-all approach that has EVERYBODY doing the same things in the same way and getting the same results.

But you're not one-size-fits-all, so why should your business be??>

You're not one-size-fits-all, so why should your business be?

While you may find SOME success following someone else's path, the kind of rapid, exponential growth you truly desire, can only come from finding YOUR path...

Our goal in Momentum is to guide you to YOUR path.

The path of least resistance and greatest reward... the path that's meant for you and only you.

The Flowmapping™ & Roadmapping™ Process?>


We start your year in Momentum with our signature Flowmapping™ & Roadmapping™ process…

...which includes 3 proven assessments to take the guesswork out of building your business... and help you get crystal clear on the 5 key elements that create this deep alignment in your business, which is understanding how:

  • your mission, vision & goals
  • your stage of business growth
  • your unique pace
  • and your strengths, challenges and learning style
  • combine together to guide you through our inner and outer momentum milestones, so you can progress to the next stage of business growth

A Million Paths. Which One Is Yours? We’ll Help You Find It…

A Million Paths

Try to Google Your Way to a Business Without a Proven Path to Follow

Your Path

A Proven Yet Unique-to-You Path Co-Created Thru Our Concierge Coaching Approach

One-Size Fits-All Path

Standard Programs That Try to Fit Everyone Into the Same One-Size-Fits-All Box

Identify Your Stage of Business Growth

Fact: Not all tactics can work for your business (no matter how much you want them to).

They’re neither good nor bad -- many simply require a more mature business with a deeper tech infrastructure and team.

That’s why the next thing we do with you in Momentum is to identify which strategies are perfect for the business you have RIGHT NOW.

That’s the key: implementing what’s right for your business today is what’s going to get you to the business you want tomorrow.

This is the #2 reason you may have struggled or not have had the success you wanted in the past - you were probably working on the right stuff but at the wrong time.

We’ll identify the exact levels of support you need whether you're just beginning or you already have significant momentum in your business and are ready to hit ludicrous mode...

The Right Level For You...

Activate. Accelerate. Amplify.

We have levels that support you whether you're just beginning or you already have significant momentum in your business and are ready to hit ludicrous mode...

It all starts with getting you into the right level of the program.


For businesses earning

$0-$29K per year
Activate is for you if:
  • You’re in the Get Started Stage of Business Growth and you don’t have significant business experience.
  • You’re not crystal clear on who you serve or what you do.
  • You’re making less than $2,500/month consistently or struggling to make your first sale.
  • But you know the potential is there for you to knock it out of the park and make that mounting monthly paycheck -- from your business, not a boss!


For businesses earning

$30K-$99K per year
Accelerate is for you if:
  • You’re in the Early or Late Call Me Stage of Business Growth or you have significant previous business experience.
  • You’re consistently making income each month in your business (though not as much as you'd like to be and less than $100K/year)
  • And you want to shatter your income ceiling, leverage your time and scale your business.
  • You know you have massive potential and you’re ready to go big!


For businesses earning

$100K+ per year
Amplify is for you if:
  • You're in the List Build or Authority Stage of Business Growth.
  • You're currently making 6 or even 7 figures in your business right now.
  • You're ready to nail your "One Big Thing" that takes the world by storm.
  • You're itching to scale your business and become a high-6-or-7-figure business in the next couple of years...
Jamal Maxsam

Made $1,200 in sales right out of the gate after joining Momentum. (He ALSO just got a commitment for $9,391 on JUST ONE CALL when his client said she wanted ALL 3 of his OFFERS!)


Dr. Marie Mbouni

Went from struggling at zero for months and months to making $21,291, filling her group program with 18 people and winning 3 high value private clients as well -- all from JUST ONE 90-Minute WEBINAR.


Ti Caudron

Had an established business making around $120K a year. Ti made over $50K in her first 3 months in Momentum -- almost DOUBLE what she’d been making, which puts her on track for a $220K PLUS year.


Your Momentum Ascension Plan Includes...


  • Starting With You
    • Kolbe
    • Wealth Dynamics
    • Unstoppable Business Assessment
  • Personalized Coach Matching
  • Your Flowmap & Roadmap
  • Milestone Mega-Sheet




  • Annual Flowmapping & Roadmapping Accelerator
    • 2-Day Annual Calibration Workshop
  • 3 Quarterly Accelerators
    • 2-Day Inner & Outer Momentum Workshop
    • 1-Day Flowmapping & Roadmapping Workshop
    • Mastermind Day (Amplify Only)
  • Live Your Message LIVE
  • Annual Momentum Celebration




  • Monthly Private Coaching Call
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • Momentum Progress Tracker
  • 2 Monthly Group Coaching Pod Calls
  • 2 Monthly Inner Momentum Workshops
  • 2 Monthly Outer Momentum Workshops
  • Weekly Business Dashboard




  • Complete the Flowmap & Roadmap for Your Stage
    • Message, Model, Money & Marketing Milestones
    • Mission, Mindest, Habits & Support Milestones
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Trainings
  • Hit the Revenue Target to Progress to the Next Stage
  • Complete the Flowmap & Roadmap for the Next Stage
  • Reach Your Ultimate Stage of Business Growth



So whether you're at the stage of Activate, Accelerate, or Amplify...?>

Your Year in Momentum Is Based on 4 Quarterly Action Cycles...

...your year with us in Momentum is based on 4 quarterly action cycles that get YOU hyper focused on achieving your biggest goals for ONLY the next 90-day window so you never feel overwhelmed and you always know the exact next step to take.


What Our
Journey Together Looks Like

Our Momentum programs consist of 5 key elements to help you reach your big business goals over the next 12 months and beyond:


Our proprietary Flowmapping™ & Roadmapping™ process is designed to take the guesswork out of identifying the key building blocks of your business: your individual starting point, your unique pace, your strengths & challenges, and your goals & aspirations, so your Master Mentor can quickly understand you and provide a deep level of support from Day One.


One-on-one coaching with your very own Momentum Coach, who will co-create your unique business blueprint with you and meet with you every month to celebrate your wins, overcome your challenges and help you recalibrate your next steps as needed.


LIVE weekly workshops and group coaching calls on laser-focused topics with Marisa and the Live Your Message team that will help you nail your message and brand, generate more leads, stay accountable and more so that you continuously move forward in your business.


Four epic, life-changing virtual retreats with Marisa and the Live Your Message team, where we’ll dive deeper into how to build and grow your irresistibly unique Market of One Business. You’ll also connect with the Momentum tribe, have a ton of fun and form incredible personal and business relationships.


• Access to the Live Your Message Training Vault ($10K+ value)

  • All our programs
  • Exclusive in-depth get-it-done trainings
  • Custom missions

•Million Dollar Mindset Experience with Bill Baren


Applications for our Momentum program open for a few days only!


Our students have done extraordinary things

Here’s What Others are Saying About the Impact Momentum Has Had on Their Businesses (and Their Lives!):

“I quintupled my investment and took my business to 6-figures+.”

“Before I joined Momentum, I was struggling to get a consistent flow of the right 1:1 clients. During Momentum, I expanded my premium 1:1 coaching program, confidently increased my pricing and earned over $72,000. I even found myself on stage at the end of the year, sharing my story just like I had imagined.”


“I turned my $15K investment into an over $100K business.”

“I not only tripled my investment in Momentum but I was able to hit the 6-figure mark by the end of year. I plan to exceed that this year and am already off to a great start, having made $15,000 in January of 2019 alone! A 7-figure business is not only possible but doable for me now.”


“My income is climbing!

“Through Momentum, I found a business structure and focus that utilizes my greatest gifts and talents and it is already profitable! My income is climbing and I am aiming to double my investment in this program by Live Your Message Live. I now have the foundation to keep growing both as a business and a business woman. I have a sustainable and profitable business that I LOVE and the joy that only comes from fulfilling my soul’s purpose.”


“I went from trying to sound more spiritual than the next guy, to being uniquely me and telling my story.”

“The first sales copy I created after starting to work with Marisa was for our ‘Ka Ta See Advanced Study Program.’ We sent it to 20 people who were qualified to start that program and had 14 people join right away! 5 people recommended us to 3 others, to whom we didn’t send the letter, and they emailed us asking to talk.”


“I’m on track for an additional $60K a year with a 73.5% profit margin!”

We increased our net revenue to 40% this year from last, which is unheard of in a high-overhead brick-and-mortar business like ours. Our new program had a $50K launch last year and is on track to add an additional $60K in new revenue in 2019!”


I increased my revenue by 228% and had my first 6-figure year.”

“Every strategy that Marisa gave me over the course of the Momentum program paid off in HUGE ways. A few months in, I launched my Facebook Ads Incubator program, broke my previous income high and sold out my class within days of announcing it to my list. Everything we planned was so dialed into my customers’ needs that launching just became easy.”


Where are you going to be 12 months from now?

Imagine at some point in the next 12 months, the clouds are going to part, the stars are going to align and you’re going to have that moment of crystal clarity when you realize your entire life makes sense.

Every moment of it.

Every challenge. Every heartbreak. Every experience.

You’ll realize you’ve been living your message all along and just didn’t know it. In that moment, the fear, doubt and worry will melt away as you step forward as the messenger for the business that you and only you can build.

Imagine you’re confident in the direction your business is going in and your plans for the future...

Imagine you’re on track to meeting your goals and making a bigger impact in the world...

Imagine you’re happy and excited to wake up each and every morning to work on your business...

Imagine you’re running a successful business that’s making consistent income and serving your clients in a deep way...

Now imagine that you’ve just had the most amazing, transformative year in your business and you can’t wait for what’s next.

We’ll do everything in our power to help you make this your reality when you join us in Mentorship.

One of my early mentors, Brendon Burchard, said: “There are only 2 ways to change your life – the first is when something new comes out of you, the second is when someone new comes into your world.”

Momentum has both.

If you’re ready to make this a life-changing year for you, apply now.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Momentum family!


Applications for our Momentum program open for a few days only!