Nothing Holds Attention and Influences People Like a Story.


By tapping into our brain’s hard-wired need to seek out and listen to stories, you can have more success and impact in your business than you ever dreamed of.

In one case… a single story I told to my audience in a crowded & skeptical marketplace grabbed attention and brought in amazing sales for a coaching opportunity I was offering.

Storytelling is the most powerful of tools for a business, but sadly it’s the most poorly taught. If you look over at Amazon, you’ll find 1,772 books on storytelling in business.

Why did I feel compelled to create another program in a market where you can buy a Kindle book for 99 cents?

I’ll tell you the answer in just a moment.

The Story of the King and the Archer

Once upon a time the King was traveling through the forest and came to a clearing. He saw a barn with a target with all the arrows sticking in the bulls eye. He was amazed.

“I must have this archer in my royal guard. Never have I seen such skills.”

They track down the archer and find a simple farmer.

The king says, “You are the finest archer in the land. I want you in my royal guard. How did you get to be such a fine archer.”

The farmer answers the king, “Your majesty. It would be my honor but there is one thing you should know:

“First I shoot the arrows. Then I draw the target!”

When every other archer in the land was working on accuracy, one was doing it smarter.

Help Your Customers Believe They Can Have the Transformation They Need

When someone hears a story, magical things happen.

They actually listen. Distractions fade into the background along with the brain’s “inner critic” and the “sight, sound, taste, smell, touch” parts of the brain light up as they get involved with the sensory details of your story.

In other words, people listen to stories like they’re 5 years old. You have their undivided attention. They become reflective. You can take them on a journey, and the brain believes it’s actually happening.

When you take your prospect on the right journey, at the end of the story, they’re ready to take action. Why? Because if you did it right, your story has a built-in journey and transformation that your prospect not only wants in their own life, but they believe they can actually do it.

How Storytelling Changed My Business

I’ve been running my own Marketing & Branding consultancy for a few years now. But even though I’m kind of new on the block, I’ve fast become the one they call when they need the ‘big gun’ (funny considering I’m only 4’11¼”).

People refer their most challenging clients to me for one reason only - I get amazing results.

But the truth is, until I learned this business storytelling technique, my results were not all that extraordinary. But once I learned the secrets of how to tell stories that helped my customers and clients imagine and see “as clear as day” the transformations they really wanted for themselves, my success rate went through the roof.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want everyone to have access to the same secrets that propelled my business to massive success.

I can understand if you’re skeptical when someone claims that they’re the leader in the market -- after all -- how could all those people on Amazon be wrong?

And the simple answer is - those aren’t business storytelling products. It’s someone telling you a few stories that worked for someone else, in a different business and market, and not showing you how to wield this impressive tool for yourself.

Not many of us are born with the innate ability to tell gripping and compelling stories, but the truth is that storytelling can be learned like any other skill or technique. But you need a good teacher -- one who understands how to break it down into a step-by-step system that anyone can follow.

And my 8 years as an award-winning documentary film director has equipped me with the skills to teach anyone those steps to take you from a “me too” marketer to an inspirational teller of compelling stories that inspire people to join your tribe, buy your stuff and experience massive transformation.

As you continue to read, you’ll quickly find that your doubts vanish entirely. And you’ll want to have this almost magically ability to grab people’s attention like a magnet, for as long as you need to make the sale.

A Story That Led to a New, Profitable Business In a Crowded Market
In Loving Memory

“I left the hospital and once outside I wanted to scream “STOP!” Don’t you know that my Dad has just died? How can you go about your business?

“Of course, their world continued, but mine had stopped.

“Through that grief and pain, I discovered my life’s mission to help others who have lost a parent by encouraging, guiding and coaching them to find purpose as they redesign their lives and legacy. Just as I did mine.

“I realized I was discouraged with my life and my career for the last 30 years. I got coaching after my dad’s death and that enabled me to reconnect with my joy and purpose and inspired me to retire from my job and become a grief coach.

“This story was the pivotal moment for me. This is the story that gives other people the certainty that by working with me, they can have the transformation they want and so desperately need.”

Tracey Smith, Grief Coach and Hidden Story Power Student

I Guarantee You’ll Find Your Own “Pivotal” Story

Introducing Hidden Story Power!

Hidden Story Power Package

There are compelling stories hiding inside of everyone -- including YOU, and in Hidden Story Power, you’re doing to discover:

  • How you can leverage the ancient power of storytelling to effortlessly stand out from your competition and naturally be perceived as the leader of your industry or niche.
  • You’ll learn how to find and tell the right story so that people listen, connect and take the specific action you want them to take, whether that’s to sign up for your list or to buy what you offer.
  • How to pick the right story for the right place, and how to tell and structure it to inspire your audience to take the massive action you want.
  • How to use your story literally everywhere in your business (in your website, social media, emails, products) so that you grow a group of true believers fast who fall in love with your message and “sell themselves” on doing business with you (for life).

No matter your background or experience, just follow along with this training to find the hundreds of powerful stories inside of you that will help your audience connect deeply and take the massive life-changing action you want them to take.

Here’s What You’ll Receive in this Tightly Structured Program

Session One

Session One

The Secret Life Of Your Story

  • Learn why story cuts through the noise, makes you stand out and is the only real “silver bullet” in your marketing and sales efforts
  • Find out how and why story positions you powerfully as the natural leader of your field or industry, even if you’re in a crowded space, no matter your experience

Session Two

Session Two

Uncovering Your Hidden Story

  • Discover the “Story Timeline” approach -- a series of quick but powerful exercises designed to uncover all of the powerful and unique stories hiding inside of you that will grip heartstrings and demand to be heard
  • See why tapping into your “backstory” gives you huge credibility in the eyes of your market, no matter your level of experience
  • Learn how to choose the perfect story for your audience that will resonate and influence powerfully

Session Three

Session Three

Expressing Your Hidden Story

You’ll receive the essential tools to structure and tell your story so it can’t be ignored. I’m going to guide you through how to viscerally move people, “forcing” them to make a choice about you. Those who choose “YES” will feel compelled to take action, filling your business with loyal fans who just can’t stop referring you.

Session Four

Session Four

Capturing Your Hidden Story On Video

I pull out my guerilla documentary filmmaker secrets and show you how to get super comfortable on camera and create powerful videos out of your story that are guaranteed to move people, regardless of whether you have any experience in front of the camera or not. In fact, the techniques I’ll teach you work BEST if you don’t have a lot of experience because I’m revealing techniques which go against a lot of the conventional wisdom and take advantage of your authenticity to make a video that can create movements and tribes around practically any topic, subject or niche -- even yours. I’ll show you my best “ultra cheap” and FREE shooting solutions.

Session Five

Session Five

Sharing Your Hidden Story in Email & Social Media

You’ll learn that success with social media DOESN’T depend on running expensive ads, spending hours on social media or pestering friends, family and colleagues to LIKE your stuff. PLUS, you won’t have to create endless amounts of content and videos like some people will tell you. In this session you’ll get access to our latest research on how to “chunk down” your story for social media to have your audience “LIKING”, tweeting and virally sharing your story with the world, so they engage more and more and more.

Session Six

Session Six

Creating Talks, Trainings & Info Products That Stick

I’m going to show you how to wrap your trainings with story in a way that your students have 3 times better recall of what you said. Plus we’ll talk about how to use story to be inspirational, memorable & fun, making you the trainer or speaker they love.

Now Just $197


Try the Hidden Story Power program for a full 30 days risk free. If you decide that you're not ready to commit to the success of your business or that this program isn't for you, then return it to me for a full refund.

In Addition to the In-Depth Story Training, You'll Also Receive FIVE Valuable Bonuses:

Bonus One
Access to our Private Facebook Group
Valued $47 per month

You’ll also receive complimentary access to the private Facebook group only for Hidden Story Power students and alumni.

Imagine having access to not only me on tap but also the brains of 100+ graduates of the Hidden Story Power program!

Over the past 6 months, my brilliant and generous students have turned this group into a resource that will quickly become indispensable as a go-to resource like no other for instant feedback on your story ideas & structure.

In fact, many of my students have stated publicly on the group that they would have paid the cost of the program just to get into the group! This has to be my favorite bonus!

Bonus Two
Video Story Showcase
Valued at $49

We’ve spent HOURS scouring the Internet for great examples of businesses telling their story on video and found more than 50 amazing examples that we’ve collected together into a “Story Showcase” in the membership area.

We dissect each one, show you how they’re telling their story, what they're doing and give you the key takeaways for each. This will be a huge inspiration for you as you begin to make your way with story.

Bonus Three
Steven Washer’s “The Video Brain”
Valued at $47

By employing its friendly approach to mastery, complete The 8-step Video Brain takes you from novice shooter to pro videographer in just 29 days. It will teach you the core principles of production that apply across the entire video universe. You will gain specific tools that will make your productions look as professional as they need to in any given situation and you’ll have the flexibility to change styles as easily as you can say “Roll ‘em!”

The truth is, there are only a modest number of things you need to be able to master. This book focuses on those needed concepts. And that makes it very different from other things you’ve studied. How many times have you started learning something, then given up because it was too difficult, too time-consuming, too complicated? You could certainly be forgiven for putting video into that category.

Until now. The Video Brain is different. It’s completely un-intimidating. Tender, bite-sized lessons take you gently from a complete novice to a real videographer, starting with the buyer’s guide and taking you seamlessly into the shooter’s bible, in 8 easy lessons.

Bonus Four
Quarterly Story Celebration
Valued $1000

Join us for a quarterly live virtual Story Celebration where you'll have the opportunity to share your story live with the community and get my personal feedback and the feedback of the community. Even just a couple of minutes of coaching from me directly has the potential to skyrocket the power and potency of your story so that more people respond, wanting to work with you...

(Valued at $1,000)

Total Value of our Bonuses: $1,143

Now Just $197


Try the Hidden Story Power program for a full 30 days risk free. If you decide that you're not ready to commit to the success of your business or that this program isn't for you, then return it to me for a full refund.

Want More Proof That It Works?

People complain that it’s impossible to be successful online today because of the economy. May I answer you in one word? Nonsense. Because my clients are growing their businesses and increasing their bottom line – totally immune to what’s going on “outside.” Here’s what some of them are saying:

“Hidden Story Power unlocked the ‘real Caroline’.”

With 3 very different websites, multiple disconnected social media profiles and 3 core areas of expertise I knew I had to consolidate and simplify both my brand and my business.

I’ve spent a lot of time and money over the years doing training with the ‘experts’. but many have taken me down a path that once I got into it, wasn’.t where I wanted to go. Marisa's programs and the way she delivers them have helped me convert the thousand piece jigsaw that was my business, into a single, complete picture.

Working through Hidden Story Power unlocked the ‘real Caroline’.. It helped me discover and articulate the treasure chest of my experiences and provided the catalyst to simplify my brand, my business and my life!

The previously fragmented, overwhelming tsunami of my business now has a clear and focused future.

Caroline Cameron
Caroline Cameron Executive Career and Lifestyle Coach
“Hidden Story Power got me to launch!”

Marisa, it's official! I've launched my business today. One of the biggest stumbling blocks I faced was feeling comfortable in front of the camera and my written content. Your 30 Day Video Challenge and Hidden Story Power were the two classes that got me to launch! Thank you for your great training and super support! You really have those ninja moves!

DeShawn Wert
DeShawn Wert ADD Coach and Consultant
“Telling my story helped me begin my healing”

I have been watching Marisa as she has shown that she is authentic and she really does care. It is because she has been willing to share her story, and journey that I have too am finding the courage to get ready to share my story and begin my journey. Going through the exercise to tell my story was a turning point that helped me to begin my healing.

Tara Lee Yorkn
Tara Lee York Wordpress Web Designer
“I have gotten noticed by other personal development gurus and my following is growing fast because of my story”

Strategies learned in Hidden Story Power have shown that I need to tell my painful backstory and let others know WHY I do what I do.

I learned the importance of opening lectures and blog posts with a bang, especially going straight into a story. The importance of arousing curiosity so that the audience keeps reading and listening to what I have to say and how I can help transform their lives. Knowing the psychology behind my audience’s experience has given me tremendous confidence in sharing my message and getting known as an authority in my field of success and happiness coaching.

I am now bold in sharing my story on my website and during my talks. I use many stories to illustrate my points in my talks and in my auto responders. People remember the story and I get feedback from my list that they read EVERYTHING I write in the auto responder stories.

I have gotten noticed by other personal development gurus because of my story and because of my brand. People have sent me messages giving me feedback on how powerful they think my website is.

Marisa's programs have reinforced that it's at the "edges" that others notice you and I am not afraid to be "edgy". I use to sound like every other life/health coach and now I get noticed because I'm being BOLD and edgy with who I am and what I have to offer. My following is growing fast because of my message.

Emily Filoramo
Emily Filoramo Success and Happiness Coaching
“The awareness of my deeper personal story gave me the confidence that I chose the right passion to pursue”

In working through the Hidden Story Power course, I had a profound realization that connected long-ago feelings that really shaped who I am, to what I chose as my passion to pursue decades later. It was a I discovered the headwaters for a passion I was destined to choose.

Although I have lots of life circumstances supporting my passion, the awareness of my deeper personal story validates it for me as a perfect choice while assuring me there is enough power behind it to keep my "river of why" full and flowing. I'm now confident I chose the right passion for me.

If you like structure and want a turbo boost in motivation or in taking the next steps in your online business, go see Marisa. Hot tip: If you finding yourself comparing your speed or results with hers at any point...stop. It just gets in the way.

Michelle Twohig Artist

Try the Hidden Story Power program for a full 30 days risk free. If you decide that you're not ready to commit to the success of your business or that this program isn't for you, then return it to me for a full refund.

Now Just $197