What to Sell When

Has This Ever Happened to You?

You know that creating a product, program or course can help you dramatically leverage your time, boost your revenue and scale your business.

And second, you have a pretty good idea of what your ideal customers want, right?

So... like many entrepreneurs... (me included)... you invested days, weeks, even months into creating your first online product, program or course, and then...

No sales.

No growth.


What The "Gurus" Don't Tell You

You won't find anyone talking about this online, but the fact is that the most important decision you'll ever make in your business isn't to do with hiring, technology or marketing.

It's something much simpler: it's choosing what to sell, when...

What do I mean by that?

Well, did you know that at each stage of business size there's a specific kind of product, program or course that will sell MUCH better than any other?

And did you know that if you're just getting started (with revenue of less than $2000/mo), there's a specific kind of product you SHOULD be selling, and 6 that you should absolutely NEVER sell?

I don't have space here to go into detail, but to put it simply: when you match your product with your business, you'll be on the road to consistent growth, profit & success.

But when you sell the wrong product at the wrong time, it drains your time, energy and money until you have nothing left to give.

So, if growth has been disappointing (or non-existent), it's actually not your fault because the chances are huge that you're simply selling the wrong product, program or course at the wrong time in your business.

So, How Do You Know Exactly What to Sell When?

This is the (literally) million-dollar question I answer in my premium video training, “What to Sell When: How to Choose the Right Product for the Right Market at the Right Time to Generate Massive Income & Impact.”

At my students' request, I've created a comprehensive list of every kind of product out there (programs, courses, trainings and many more), and created a checklist of when to use each one in your business.

I want you to know what to do now, next week and next year, so that you're always creating & selling the exact right product at the right time in your business.

In this short but valuable training, you’ll get access to the insider secrets I’ve used to choose which products to create next, and how to sequence my products to create the easiest and most lucrative customer pathway possible for my customers.

Plus you'll also get my top gold nuggets from the thousands of hours I’ve spent coaching 6, 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs on how to create your entire suite of products; the complete sequence of what to offer next, next and next in your business, to help you maximize customer lifetime value.

Introducing: What to Sell When

The Easiest Way to Grow Your Bottom Line & Quickly Scale Your Business

With this video training and companion guide, you’ll gain complete confidence on the kind of product to sell next to help you move toward your business goals.

What to sell when

Instant Immersion Video

When you follow through on the ideas and action steps you’ll get access to in this video training, you can look forward to making money a lot faster than you do now, and you could potentially cut through years of wasted effort and time.

You’ll also receive a worksheet that will walk you through how to immediately apply what you learn in the video training.

What to sell when

Companion Guide

Inside this downloadable companion guide, you’ll get even more training and insights I don’t share in the video, including...

  • The 3-element strategy that will set you up for success even before you start creating your product.
  • Exactly how to pick the right type of product to maximize profits for your unique business.
  • The key factor you must include in all your products, throughout the lifespan of your business so you can continue building a base of fans and happy-to-pay customers.
Discover What to Sell, When Just $17 today. Only available from this page.
What To Sell When

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What to sell when

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Discover What to Sell, When Just $17 today. Only available from this page.

Why Are We Practically Giving This Training Away?

Why are we giving this starter training away for the price of a Triple Venti, Half-Sweet, Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato… or whatever your favorite, kinda obnoxious Starbucks drink happens to be? :-)

Because here’s what we know: 50% of the people who buy it will continue on to become great customers and wonderful leaders in the industry.

We know once we put this $17 product in your hand, you’re going to become a great customer. It’s that simple!

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Over the past 7 years, I've helped tens of thousands of people from all over the world find the right combination of product, market and time, so that they can grow lucrative, successful and fulfilling businesses.

I’ve seen too many brilliant entrepreneurs give up on their goals and dreams.

And it wasn't because they lacked any skill or talent. Or because they didn't have what it took to make it.

It was simply because they launched the wrong product, at the wrong time for their business & their clients.

What Others are Saying

Here’s What Others are Saying About the Impact Marisa’s Trainings Have Had on their Business

Kristina Rogers

Kristina Rogers

Before, I was barely making a livable wage and now the money is coming in! I'm now able to charge higher prices because I know I’m capable of producing great content and making a real difference in people's lives.

Diana Brown

Diana Browns

My biggest takeaway from this training was that I should be charging prices based on my skills and expertise, not just what I thought the product was worth. This was a huge obstacle for me, but I totally overcame all my doubts and fears when I got my first “Yes!” That was the validation I needed to start charging what my product was really worth.


Knowing exactly what kind of product, program or course to create next that will help you leverage your time, add extra zeros to your bottom line and quickly scale your business.

Ready to eliminate the guesswork? Let’s get you started...

Discover What to Sell, When Just $17 today. Only available from this page.