Experience Product Masterclass (2023)

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Our Make Your Money Back Guarantee states that if you follow the program timeline and curriculum and use the coaching (per the specifications below) and don't make your money back during the timeframe of the program, we'll make up the difference (up to the total amount you paid).

EPM is a non-refundable and non-cancellable program, subject to applicable law. That being said, the Make Your Money Back Guarantee is designed to give you the safety net you need to go all in and take big action over the 12-weeks of the program, knowing you'll make your money back one way or the other.

We’re confident that you'll make at least your investment back (or more) from your Experience Product® during the duration of the Program, or we will PayPal you the difference -- up to the total amount you paid.

That means we personally guarantee your success in the Program.

It also means that there’s no financial risk in joining the Experience Product Masterclass, because by the end of the course, if you have fully followed all of the steps we describe in these Terms, you’ll have earned back the cost of the Program. And if you don’t, we’ll pay you!

To qualify, you will need to provide the following things:

  1. Sign our guarantee by 11:59pm PT one week from date of purchase (located on the homepage of the EPM Membership Site).
  2. Follow the Program’s simple step-by-step instructions and put EPM into action
  3. Use the support and the resources that are available to you

Please review the guidelines below to make sure you meet our submission criteria.

Who can submit a guarantee claim?

To be eligible for the Make Your Money Back Guarantee your account must be in good standing and all payments up-to-date as of the last day of the program.

You can submit a Guarantee claim if you’ve done the following:

  1. Completed All Videos and Associated Actions in the MVP Track (Modules 1-3)

    To show that you've completed all videos and associated actions you must have checked off boxes for the MVP Track on the membership site by the official end of the Program. In addition to checking off the boxes you must submit your completed Blueprints for Module 1 (Your Profitable Product Idea Blueprint), Module 2 (Your Idea to Market Blueprint) and Module 3 (Your MVP Launch Blueprint) using the method outlined below by the official end of the Program.

    And here’s the deal…

    We drop new videos and worksheets twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. This gives you time to watch the videos and take action before receiving new sessions, because EPM isn't just a training program, it's an implementation program. So you're not just watching videos, you're taking action to design, launch and profit from your very own Experience Product during our time together.

    We know from experience -- supporting thousands of students through this process -- what to give you and when so that you have the highest likelihood of success.

    So trust the process and know that everything is designed for a reason.

    As a wise woman once said, "I'd rather be rich and curious than broke and skeptical."

    EPM can be done in as little as an hour a day -- or you can choose to make this your full-time commitment -- depending on the scope of the product you choose to design and launch. If you have the minimum amount of time available, you’ll need to work with your Experience Product Success Coach to choose a Product Type you can launch in the time you have available.

  2. Attended at least 8 Weekly Coaching Pod Calls

    You'll receive 10 Weekly Group Coaching Pod Calls offered in EPM. We know that getting the right support and guidance throughout the EPM process will set you up to earn your investment back -- so you're required to attend at least 8 of these 10 Sessions to maintain eligibility for the Guarantee. We take attendance 10 minutes into each call.

  3. Participated in the Weekly Coaching Pod Calls by Asking at Least 2 Questions During The Program

    Help us, help you :) Since we can only support you if you speak up, we require that you ask a minimum of 2 questions on your Weekly Coaching Pod Calls during the Program (of course, you're welcome to ask more!). Questions need to be relevant to the training (and your progress in the Program).

  4. Finished All Program Milestones in the MVP Track on Time

    We've carefully designed your Experience Product Flight Plan so that your progress is reviewed at key decision points in the process. This will help you stay on track and give you the confidence to know that you're making the right decisions at the right times. To be eligible for the Make Your Money Back Guarantee, you must have submitted at least a first draft of each of your MVP Track Milestones by the Milestone Due Dates following the instructions below.

    These are the essential Milestones that you need to complete (the MVP Track) to be eligible for the Guarantee:

Milestone Training Due Date
1. Mega Niche M1V04 - The 20 Most Profitable Mega-Niches End of Week 2
2. Micro-Niche Topic & Core Solution M1V05 - From Mega-Niche to Micro-Niche End of Week 2
3. Audience Statement M1V06 - Who Before How End of Week 3
4. Experience Product Type M1V08 - Right Product, Right Market, Right Time End of Week 3
5. 3 Credibility Boosters & Statements M2V02 - I’m Your Guy or Gal End of Week 4
6. Blockbuster Product Name M2V05 - The Art of Naming End of Week 4
7. Mission Possible Statement & Future Self Vision M2V06 - Future Self Vision End of Week 4
8. Bird’s Eye View M2V08 - Homing in on the How End of Week 6
9. MVP Pricing M2V10 - Experience Pricing End of Week 6
10. Module & Session Names M3V02 - Anatomy of an Experience Product, Part 1 End of Week 7
11. Product Duration M3V04 - The Clock Is Ticking End of Week 7
12. Product Deliverables M3V05 - What’s in the Box? End of Week 7
13. Feature & Benefit Statements M3V06 - The Big Reveal End of Week 7
14. Onboarding Sequence M3V07 - I’m Glad You’re Here End of Week 8
15. MVP Launch Plan M3V09 - Ready Set Launch End of Week 8
16. Chatterbox Plan M3V11 - Sealing the Deal End of Week 8

You submit Milestones to your Experience Product Success Coach by adding them to your personal (private and collaborative) Milestone Tracking Doc (on Google Drive), then tagging your coach at their dedicated Live Your Message email address (following the instructions at the top of your GoogleDoc), to let them know there's something to review.

Your coach will review your Milestone within 48 hours during the week (72 hours during weekends) and either approve it with a thumbs up emoji or comment with suggested changes. If you don’t receive an approval, you have 72 hours to make the requested changes and update your coach by tagging them in your GoogleDoc again. Then the process will repeat itself until you get that thumbs up emoji.

Some of the bigger Milestones (such as your Mission Possible Statement & Future Self Vision) may take several rounds back and forth with your Coach to complete… but going through this process with your Coach will set you up for success when you launch your product.

Few (if any) programs at this price point offer the level of support and guidance we provide in EPM and we want to make sure you make the most of it.

Please note: You must use the Experience Product Masterclass Milestone Tracking Doc provided. You are not permitted to create your own.

  1. Complete Enough Enrollment Conversations to Make Your Money Back

    After mentoring over 10,000+ entrepreneurs in 7 years, we can tell you that you can’t actually get to where you REALLY want to go in your business without actually TALKING to your ideal customers -- the people you’d most love to serve -- to find out what their pain points are, what they really need help with and what they’re actually willing to pay you for!

    That’s why it’s so important for you to have enrollment conversations (with 30+ people). Please see Table 1 - # of Enrollment Conversations Needed to Make Your Money Back below to determine the exact number.

    You will also need to document your enrollment conversations using the process outlined below in the Addendum: Submitting Proof of Your Enrollment Conversations.

  2. Be Coachable, Respectful & Show a Willingness to Take Action

    To get the most out of the Experience Product Masterclass and to Make Your Money Back, it's critical that you exhibit a coachable attitude and a willingness to take action.

    If you’re not clear, don’t understand, or disagree with the coaching you receive -- you’re responsible for letting your Experience Product Success Coach know so you can work together to find a solution that works for you, the market and your business.

    We’re here to help you cross the finish line and confidently click the Mission Accomplished button, but we can’t do that if you refuse or ignore our coaching or if you’re unable or unwilling to take action on the Program or the Coaching. If you repeatedly refuse or ignore our coaching, you’ll no longer be eligible for the guarantee.

If you can confidently answer “YES!” to all of the above, then we got you covered :)

To claim the Make Your Money Back Guarantee, we ask that you do or submit the following by our Guarantee Deadline:

  • Watch all videos and complete all actions in the MVP Track in the EPM Flight Deck (aka membership site).
  • Complete your MVP Track Milestones on your Milestone Tracking doc following the instructions above.
  • Complete your 3 end of module Blueprints and your MVP Launch Plan.
  • Keep your shared Google Prospect Tracking Doc up-to-date showing that you've completed enough enrollment conversations to make your money back (see Addendum below)

If you ever feel you need additional support, just contact us and we’ll work with you to make sure you fully understand all of the Program’s steps (and that you and your coach are on the same page).

We’re certain of your success if you take each and every one of these actions – that’s why we’re taking the risk… so you don’t have to worry.

Submitting Your Documentation

  • All documentation must be submitted using this form (here) no later than on midnight Sunday of Week 12.
  • Claims submitted prior to the start of Week 11 will not be accepted.
  • If you have any questions about this process please contact Support@LiveYourMessage.com

Here’s what happens once your claim is submitted:

Once you’ve submitted your claim we’ll review it within 30 days and let you know via email if your claim has been approved or if we need any additional documentation. Once approved, you’ll receive notice via email and payment will be sent directly to your PayPal account within 5 business days.

We’re confident that if you follow through on every step of this process, you’ll succeed.

But if you don’t get results for some reason, just show us you put in all the effort and we’ll give you up to $2,500 back.

Either way you win :)

Need support?

Our amazing support team is here to answer any of your questions, concerns or tech hiccups. Simply email us at Support@LiveYourMessage.com. We also give out free hugs and virtual high-fives whenever you need them.

Whatever you need, we’ve got your back!

And not just us, the entire Experience Product Masterclass Community is here for you on the EPM FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/epmers2023

Addendum 1: Submitting Proof of Your Enrollment Conversations

Part I: Sales Math

All the best entrepreneurs know that reaching your sales goals comes down to "hitting your numbers." And our goal in EPM for your MVP Launch is to help you get at least 3 sales or make your investment back.

So what does that actually look like?

You can, conservatively, expect at least 1 in 10 of your enrollment conversations to become a customer. That’s a conversion rate of 10%.

And while you may find you get MUCH better results than that, if this is a new skill for you and a new product -- it’s much better to start on the low side.

You may turn out to be a sales natural with higher conversion rates than 10% once you get someone into a conversation, and that’s AWESOME. But it's important that you're not setting yourself up for disappointment, or not scheduling enough enrollment conversations, because you’ve overestimated your conversion rate.

I always recommend you underestimate versus overestimate your possible conversions because that comes with a built-in failsafe, and if you do better than 10%, you'll get even more sales.

Keep in mind that you may need to have 5 casual "Chats" or Chatterbox Interactions to book one enrollment conversation where you can make an offer.

An enrollment conversation is defined as taking someone through all 5 pivots. Refer to Module 3, Session 11 on your EPM Flight Deck for more information on what constitutes an “enrollment conversation”.

Table 1: # of Enrollment Conversations Needed to Make Your Money Back

Price Point # of Sales to make $2500 # of Enrollment Conversations (10 x # Sales) # of Chats (5 x # Conversations)

Part II: Documenting Your Campaigns

Our goal is for you to become wildly successful. To be able to do that, you will need to make an offer to enough people using all of the tools we’ve provided to you. As you can see from the table above, you need to sell fewer of your product(s) at higher price points. Please keep this in mind when choosing your product type, price point, and MVP Launch strategy.

In order to claim the Make Your Money Back Guarantee, it’s essential that you make your offer (# of enrollment conversations) to enough people to make your investment back (see the table above) based on a 10% conversion rate.

We ask that you document your enrollment conversations in the following way in order to claim the Guarantee.

This will also help you create a valuable habit that will support your success as an entrepreneur -- both now and in the future -- because, as management thinker Peter Drucker famously said, "You can't manage what you don't measure."

You will need to provide the following documentation and proof of your enrollment conversations to claim the Make Your Money Back Guarantee:

  1. Overview of session offer and links to offer if online or on social media (or screenshot).
  2. List of names of people that signed up for a session. List of who participated in a session (date and time of session) and why they did or did not make a purchase using our Prospect Tracking Doc.
  3. Recording of you making the offer to at least 3 prospects. You can use a phone app like TapeACall or recording made on Zoom or other technology. (Please note that you need to ask permission to record these calls -- Live Your Message will be held harmless should you record any of your calls without the participant’s approval).
  4. Screenshot or statement from PayPal or any other merchant account you used that spans the entire time period of your promotion.

Since following through on every step of the process is what will make you successful, it’s important that you don’t skip any steps.

Our goal is to support you in crossing the finish line and making it all the way to Mission Accomplished.

Important: While we believe that the principles taught in this Program can be used in any industry, it is the responsibility of the student to know and understand the regulations governing their industry and how they may affect the application of the Experience Product Masterclass.

Neither Live Your Message nor any of its affiliates, partners, or employees are able to give legal advice about whether this Program will apply to your industry. Because of our financial investment in each student, we are unable to offer any refunds or guarantees if, after purchase, you are unable to use the Experience Product Masterclass Program in your industry.

Additional Terms: You are not eligible for the Make Your Money Back Guarantee if you received the Experience Product Masterclass as a bonus, as part of another package, at a discount, as a partner, affiliate, or team member, or if you received this Program in any other way besides purchasing it for the full price from Live Your Message.

If you qualify for this Guarantee you are eligible to receive back only the amount which you paid in legal currency to purchase this Program. The Guarantee does not cover or include any losses, damages or expenses of any type beyond or in addition to the cost of purchasing the Program. This includes, but is not limited to, any equipment, guides, materials, software, tutoring from third parties or resources of any type which you purchased to supplement the Program. It also does not include compensation for the time you invested in participating in the Program. If you are paying with a payment plan, you are only eligible to receive back the amount you have paid into the Program less finance fees. The maximum amount you can claim or receive under this guarantee is $2,500. You must be in good standing with your payments in order to be eligible for the guarantee.

This Guarantee is non-transferrable and can only be claimed by the original purchaser on file.

Addendum 2: Other Terms & Conditions

Honoring an Environment of Respect

Live Your Message is committed to providing a coaching and learning environment free of harassment, discrimination, and disrespect. We expect all participants to behave in a respectful manner, and to not disrupt the experience of others.

Participants may not show any nudity or explicit images of themselves or others during any Program interactions, whether accidentally or intentionally.

Live Your Message reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to limit, suspend or terminate your participation in the Program -- without offering any kind of refund -- if you violate any part of this policy.

Graduation & Mission Accomplished Bonuses

To receive your Graduation bonuses: you must complete all of the actions from the MVP Track and submit your Graduation Story by midnight on Sunday of Week 12. To submit your story click the “I’m Graduating” button in the Flight Deck and you will be redirected to the story submission page.

To receive your Mission Accomplished bonuses: you must click the “Mission Accomplished” button in the Flight Deck and submit your Mission Accomplished story, sharing how you launched your Experience Product during the Program. All stories must be submitted by midnight Sunday of Week 12. If you’ve hit Mission Accomplished, you do not also need to submit a Graduation Story to claim your Graduation bonuses.

Note: By submitting your story on the Mission Accomplished or Graduation pages you give Live Your Message permission to use your submission in future promotional materials both in full and in part, along with your name and likeness.

Experience Product Trademark

When you complete all of the actions in the MVP track Experience Product Masterclass within the course period and submit your story, you will receive a lifetime, irrevocable license to use the Experience Product trademark (valued at $1,000/year) in the manner specified below.

Simply complete the MVP Track sessions and actions and submit your story on either the Graduation or Mission Accomplished page by midnight on Sunday of week 12.

We’ve officially trademarked the term “Experience Product”® with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The fee to license a trademark like this is estimated at $1,000 per year, but as an EPM graduate, you’ll have a lifetime license, and we’ll send you a digital copy of your Experience Product Certificate when you submit your Graduation story and a physical copy in the mail when you submit Mission Accomplished story.

You can use this license to describe your product, program, course or service as an Experience Product®, but you are not allowed to use this license to create a training program or other materials around how to design, create or market Experience Products®. So you can use the license to describe your own products, programs, courses or services but NOT to teach or train people on Experience Products® or any other uses of The Experience Formula.

Receiving Mail

We will be sending prizes and bonuses to you by physical mail when you meet specific program criteria. We will ask you to submit your mailing address to us. If you accidentally give us the wrong address or packages are returned to us as undeliverable or marked as unclaimed, we will not be able to resend your packages unless you pay for shipping a second time. If you fail to provide us with your address by the requested deadline, we are not obliged to ship your package at a later time. For international shipments you will be responsible for any customs fees associated with shipment of prize or you can choose to reject the shipment should you not want to pay the fees.

Payment Plans

If you invest with us using a multi-pay or payment plan, you are responsible for completing your monthly payments. If your credit card lapses, we will reach out to you and give you a 3-day grace period to send us your new payment information.

If you do not get your payment information up-to-date during that grace period, Program access will be suspended. We reserve the right to pursue unpaid amounts via a collections partner.


Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions or concerns at:

Live Your Message
3571 Far West Blvd #3026
Austin, TX 78731

Legal Matters

This agreement is governed by the laws of Texas without regard to principles of conflicts of laws.

In the event of any dispute arising from this agreement or from your participation in EPM which we are not able to resolve with you amicably, all disputes will be resolved by binding arbitration to be conducted pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. You agree that there is no right to file a lawsuit. The arbitration will be conducted by one arbitrator sitting in Austin, Texas and applying Texas law and federal law or regulation, if applicable. The prevailing party may be awarded its costs and fees of the arbitration, including reasonable attorneys fees. The arbitrator has the authority to resolve any and all disagreements, but you acknowledge and agree that no financial award can be ordered which is in excess of the amount you paid to purchase the Program, which is limited to up to $2500. You agree that the arbitrator’s authority to order a financial award is limited to the amount of the Guarantee as stated in this provision.

Our team is here to make sure you have the best experience possible. Please do not contact us via Facebook Messenger or any other channel. We are set-up to support you as quickly as possible by email and that's the only channel where we can guarantee a response.