"This was my first experience with coaching. The tech stuff was all new to me and the way Don taught made me look forward to the tech classes, not dread them. "

Myra Skelton

Springdale, AR

"The support is great... where else do you get all of this information, as well as your own personal coach??? There was technical support, moral support, and new-found friend support from the other EPMers on our Facebook group."

Anne Ducroquetz

Rouen, France

"The EPM coaching team were the best cheerleaders someone going through the rigor of creating an online program could ask for. And having my own private coach within this program provided the perfect formula for success."

Carol Walsh

Vancouver, WA

"The added coaching sessions have been amazing and Coach Domonique in particular was a key factor in my success. Having her to bounce ideas off of, to let me know if I was on track or not, clearly showing my passion, and reinforcing that I had something of value to offer, was soooo helpful. I had to get up at 5 am for our coaching calls, but I never missed one because her wisdom was worth it!"

Carol Walsh

Vancouver, WA

"Not only did I reach Mission Accomplished ($6,235 so far, I did it with ease and without building a website, sales page or anything fancy or technical at all) but my coach Christine was responsible for giving me an extra $10,000 idea!"

Christopher Pickard

Welwyn Garden City, UK

"I loved the Monday coaching calls with Marisa and how she coached everyone. Marisa showed up each time and ALL THE TIME. Hearing the issues that other people were having made me gain confidence and believe that YES it was possible for me too."

Dominique Forand

Bromont, Canada

"EPM was wonderful with regards to the support and encouragement that they gave along the way. Having the coaches, the checkpoint document, the tech help on Fridays. All of that was very helpful."

Brooke Diaz

Aiea, HI

"The amount of coaching time was definitely key. That is what helped me become successful. I learned so much from the coaching calls - all of them."

Rachel Romaine

Salt Lake City, UT

"Don Crowther is always more entertaining than the subjects warrant. "

Carolyn Bragg

West Valley City, UT

"It took me three attempts to nail my niche and product. My coach was fantastic - she helped me to see through the eyes of a prospective client. The penny finally dropped and I felt confident in my product. It was what I have been doing for the past 20 years - I just didn't know how to define the value and package my offering."

Natalie Claire

St Helier, Jersey

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"The Monday calls with Marisa were hugely valuable and inspiring. Whilst I chose not to speak live on the calls, I received plenty of side door coaching - turns out that there were commonalities in the challenges people were experiencing."

Natalie Claire

St Helier, Jersey

"EPM provided me with exactly what I needed: a comprehensive blueprint to help me get my business off of the ground! Not only did I get a blueprint but I also received what felt like unlimited coaching and an amazing peer group that was helpful and engaging. I made more progress in 10 weeks than I had in the prior 10 months! It was amazing!

Mikki Waid

Temple Hills, MD

"Marisa really cares about every single student and puts her heart and soul into EPM. My coach Dominique has tremendous patience and wisdom and carried me through the times when I almost gave up. I am now excited to move forward in my business, so that I can reach more people and make more money to support my children."

Michelle Frankel

Manchester, UK

"In EPM I was never alone, never there was always support. To get unlimited email support and coaching in a group of less than 50 (most times less than 15) at this price is amazing!"


San Rafael, CA




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