"One of the biggest joys of this program is to see how much interaction and how many deep friendships have been made between the participants."

D'vorah Lanksy

Hartford, CT

"I have never been surrounded by such a powerful, supportive and encouraging community."

Kim Marie

Tucson, AZ

"The support is great... where else do you get all of this information, as well as your own personal coach??? There was technical support, moral support, and new-found friend support from the other EPMers on our Facebook group.

What a great group! We helped each other through thick and thin, creating our product, asking questions... it really made me understand how to present MY course and the importance of group support."

Anne Ducroquetz

Rouen, France

"The Facebook community was fun and supportive. The EPMer's helped me to fine tune my work, and the EPM coaching team were the best cheerleaders someone going through the rigor of creating an online program could ask for."

Carol Walsh

Vancouver, WA

"I am happy to have both supported and been supported in this community. I have found my tribe, the people who are committed in every way and moment to keep evolving themselves and their life circumstances."

Ashby Underwood

Highlands, NC

"In other programs, my experience has been that people have good intentions and talk about helping each other but don't follow through. EPM is a true community. This is the first group I have belonged to that demonstrated the authentic desire to actually help each other. Not just making idle suggestions, but providing (or arranging to provide) valuable services to help others achieve success."

Carolyn Bragg

West Valley City, UT

"The relationships with the other EPMers have been great, and this is one of the best online communities I have been involved in. I don't think I have ever met such a warm, generous group of people in a business group."

Cathy Nicoll

Flynn, Australia

"EPM provided a great community of like minded entrepreneurs that I feel privileged to be part of. It's really encouraging to know you have people with the same dreams and challenges."

Stu Goymer

Aylesbury, UK

"This was my first time having a coach, and I'm now wondering how I ever thought I could do this without one. Huge thanks to the whole EPM community for being open, honest, helpful, and supportive beyond my wildest expectations."

Valary Oleinik

Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey

"I was respected, people cared for me. I want to be in this group. The people here are cool. It is amazing how many people Marisa attracts, and from how diverse backgrounds they all come from. It's stunning."

Ulf Tolle

Faido, Switzerland

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