"EPM is the most comprehensive course strategy, design, and launch program that I have ever seen. Marisa really has a knack for bringing the teaching down to the very practical level in ways that other teachers I've studied with were unable to do. I am re-launching in January and expect to earn $15K-$20K for this second launch. "

James Mayfield Smith

Houston, TX

"I cannot even begin to explain the amount of work I have achieved in the past 10 weeks. I have designed my whole program and have even had a few people sign up for it. Without EPM there is NO WAY I would be this far along with my online program."

Jennifer Peake

Harrisburg, VA

"I named my product with Marisa's formula, wrote copy as she instructed, planned my modules based upon her system and created an email sequence, too. I offered a Beta price to the first 25 participants and have 22 so far at $297 each! That's over $6,534! I can't believe that I made $6,534 and the real promotion hasn't even started (that will be priced at $497). I already have the high end of my usual attendance. My goal is 100 and I know that I will make it :)"

Troika St. Germain

Atlanta, GA

"Marisa not only gave us every tool we will ever need to produce our own product(s) - now and in the future - Marisa also gave us, in the form of the EPM course itself, a concise example of how an amazing course should be created."

CC Righetti

Davidson, SASK, Canada

"Marisa is a marketing genius -- and I don't say that lightly. But unlike a lot of other geniuses, she explains everything in a clear and detailed way to make it easy to understand and follow. The program is packed with valuable information. Well worth the investment. I have recommended EPM, with confidence, to many people and will continue to do so."

Debra Greene

Kihei, HI

"By navigating through Marisa's course and doing all of the exercises, in 10 weeks my team was able to design and organize all of the necessary marketing components we needed to bring our experience software product to market. Thanks so much Marisa and the entire LYM team for EPM. You're my new superheroes!"

Ghandolff the Grateful

Albuquerque, New Mexico

"EPM gave me a complete system, including practical, step-by-step instructions for how to design, market and deliver a new kind of experience for my clients - one that goes beyond information by creating all of the necessary conditions for real and lasting transformation to take place."

Lisa Brown

Raleigh, NC

"EPM was the life changing program I hoped for. THE BEST experience, most valuable and incredible implementation, the most over the moon happy, firehose, action-taking program I've ever taken. Ever. Undergrad, grad school, corporate banking training, other big guru programs and masterminds....nope. They can't compare."

Michele Delima

Stonington, CT

"EPM has healed any online course PTSD!"

Rachel Romaine

Salt Lake City, UT

"I loved the marketing campaigns and Marisa made them feel really doable - even for people who hate marketing like me! :-)"

Cathy Raffaele

Leichhardt, NSW

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"EPM guided me step by step and showed me the actions to take. It gave me the motivation to get started and the support and accountability to see it through to the end. "

Natalie Claire

St Helier, Jersey

"Marisa took the stress out of what to do next and created a clear and fun path to progress from product idea all the way to marketing and selling. Marisa really is brilliant -- her intelligence and creativity shine through every aspect of this experience. She has given us a powerful example of how to serve and create the ultimate experience for our clients."

James Bottone

Portland, OR

"I had taken other trainings to improve my business skills and gained something each time but only got some ingredients, not everything I needed to actually bake the cake! EPM delivers rich content covering the entire process in a way that focuses on implementation. I have gained immediately applicable skills and clarity about how to build on them."

Karen Musson

Granville, OH

"I love how Marisa is so systematic and has checklists, examples, stories, and practical ways to keep everything engaging and fun. I am confident that I have the skills to be successful in the future."

Angela Yee

Tustin, CA

"EPM helped put everything into place to build, launch, and engage with my course. Every element was truly there."

Stacey Aaronson

Langley, WA

"I was amazed at how professional and easy Marisa makes the information to assimilate and then keyword APPLY to your business. Then all the follow up to make sure it actually works."


San Rafael, CA




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