"From Naive and Nervous, to New Horizons! Status: Hell yeah! I've got this! I woke up this morning and created a product, a coaching program, fast-action, let-me-follow-that-up-with-a freebie, product. I did so without fear of rejection. And as we speak, emails are flowing into inboxes with my offer!"

Ashby Underwood

Highlands, NC

"In 8 weeks, I am transformed. I have gone from business-dreamer to committed. From lost to excited. From invisible to visible. From alone to supported and championed."

Lilah Valentine

Boston, MA

"I was doing OK (not great) and one thing that bothered me was how many people purchased my programs then didn't do the work - and of course, got no results! It was frustrating and really disheartening! So Marisa's program of giving people 'experiences' instead of just more information really appealed to me. I dove in 100% and have never looked back. Sales are up, and my confidence is sky-high because now I know people will actual do the work and change their lives! It's so gratifying."

Pamela Washington

Las Vegas, NV

"The "psychology of pricing" Marisa shared gave me confidence to increase pricing on 2 of my products. The pain points and future self concepts helped me craft a magnetic mission statement. Learning about headlines on a sales page was really good too! Also the email templates and subject line suggestions. Direct coaching and side door coaching as well for sure. Also having access to my Coach Paul. The list goes on and on!"

Debra Greene

Kihei, HI

"Marisa and EPM made all the difference for me. It gave me a system I can trust, use and implement successfully. If I did it as a French Canadian, everybody can do it too."

Dominique Forand

Bromont, Canada

"I have never participated in a program that was so committed to my success and that of my peers. All the information provided was experiential, engaging and shone a light on how to actually create the path I know I'm meant to forge to guide others to do the same."

Gabriele Sogka

"Marisa gave us SO many gems of wisdom - business wise, mindset wise, personality wise, soul wise, best-practices wise. These are the most precious, generous gifts. Thank you, Marisa, from my heart & soul!"

Amore Vera

Novato, CA

"The video about the pricing was super helpful for me... Following what Marisa taught there, I just went from $397 to $497, and I was able to make $4,970 instead of $3,970 since I sold 10 spots for my course. "

Juan Sanguesa

Santiago, Chile

"I'm so over the moon about creating a program people will love. It's not enough for me to put all my effort into marketing and selling my program, I want the experience to be WILD and WONDERFUL!!! I want people to say THAT'S THE BEST THING I EVER DID!! And I feel SO confident because of EPM that I've achieved that! HUGE for me."

Michele Delima

Stonington, CT

"I was laid off from my 9 to 5 job last September. I'd just started thinking about creating a class and signed up for one of Marisa's EPM webinars. Learning to market my ideas, stretch my comfort zone, engage with people who have similar values and goals has been an incredible experience. Look at me! I'm launching a business with confidence that I can make money and have a life free from the corporate grind!"

Patricia Lemieux

Dacono, CO

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"EPM has allowed me to pull back from working 50 hours a week to working 2 days a week and having more time to enjoy my success and do more with my time to help others. I love teaching and coaching and as a result of EPM I have made $9,000 doing what I love. "

Fabian Vizcaino

Arden, NC

"Because of EPM, I'm now excited about my work again. It's easy to get discouraged, lose vision and passion. But I feel energy and enthusiasm to scale this great knowledge I've got to serve my clients the right way and to create a revolution. I feel like this is possible now."

Patrick Johnson

Kansas City, MO

"I joined EPM mid-week and set about the first module that very weekend. When my husband and I reviewed what I had written, we both agreed it was more effective than anything I had written in the last year! Imagine that, a couple of hours of presentation, a few exercises and voila, I had more in front of me than the hours, days and whole year I had spent working on it before!"

Rachel Romaine

Salt Lake City, UT

"Wow, what a ride the Experience Product Masterclass was! It gave me so much clarity on how to best deliver my years of knowledge into a beautiful package that I feel proud to have created. I feel very privileged to deliver this gift to the world and I am very grateful to Marisa for offering the framework through which I was able to create it :)

Annalisa Rose

Mona Vale, NA

"EPM seriously improved my teaching style. I loved every lesson. I know I will go on to do a million dollars this year. Absolute life changing course. Thank you!"

Annie Murray

Wandana Heights, Australia

"Before I was floundering without a microniche or knowing how to design a program that would make me stand out from the competition. Now I am organized, I have 100% clarity and a solid launch plan, and a web presence with online sales and funnel pages with Heroic.

Leanne Johnston

Salt Lake City, UT

"I had a good product but I didn't know how to market it. Not only do I now have a GREAT product, with an articulated vision and clarified secret sauce, I have incredible marketing materials and all the steps and tools that will continue to guide me as I market my product. "

Sharrell Kline

Ridgefield, WA

"I can continue to use this material again and again because there really is a logical sequence that works. Marisa's information on branding and naming is beyond anything I learned at a commercial art school and presented in a way that is so easy to understand and apply. I was floored. I paid all that money when I could of just gotten EPM! "


San Rafael, CA




*FTC DISCLAIMER: These results may not be typical, and can’t be taken in any way as a guarantee of the results you would receive since your success depends on the quality of your offers and marketing. We don’t offer get rich quick solutions, and we can’t guarantee your success – only you can do that, through your commitment, hard work, consciousness, and dedication.