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Events of the past 2 years have accelerated the entire world's transition to the internet to learn new skills and improve their lives.

As a result, the online education industry is increasing in size faster than ever before.

It's been estimated that almost $1B is now changing hands every single day as course creators scramble to fill the new and rapidly growing demand from learners all over the world.

College students. Adult learners. The global workforce. Curiosity seekers. You name it, everyone has been forced to go online for just about everything. They had to.

Some are calling it the biggest "gold rush" in education history, and the information on this page is your ticket to this billion-dollar-a-day opportunity. But how much you're able to carve out depends on your answer to the following question...

A Tale of Two Course Creators:
Which One Are You?

On a beautiful Spring afternoon, only a year ago, two course creators smiled and pushed "publish" on their first course.

They were very much alike, these two course creators. Both were well-respected experts in their field. Both were skilled at helping people. And both were filled with dreams of building a successful business and changing the world.

Recently, these course creators met at a conference.

They were still very much alike. Both were still creating courses and dedicated to helping people. And both, it turned out, were experts in the same field. But there was a difference.

The other was a conference keynote speaker and published author with dozens of courses and thousands of students.

Have you ever wondered what makes this kind of difference in peoples' lives?

It isn't a matter of hard work, intelligence or talent. And it isn't that one person wants success and the other doesn't.

The difference actually lies in which kind of course they created for their students.

Thousands Are Already Profiting
from this New Type of Course

Hichem Refes

"I went way beyond Mission Accomplished and hit the $750K mark during my beta launch!"

Kat Coroy

"My course now has over 10,000 students in it. My students are lifelong fans and they tell everyone they know about my course."

Kerry Walters

"Resounding success… It was our second largest launch ever! We were more than 65% over our projected sales goals and revenue.”

Carol Dickson-Carr

“Even before I put my beta information out into the world, I manifested a gig that was tailor-made for me at a price-point that was 5X the price!”

Josh Turner

"Halfway into the course we noticed that 92.7% of purchasers had taken action, and refunds were down about 70%."

Jennifer Holbus

“During EPM, 4 weeks in I signed my first client and that was $100,000 for 6 months.”

*Experience Product Masterclass has thousands of successful students. These are some of our best students and their results may not be typical.

Before I tell you what kind of course you should be creating, let's review what's wrong with "traditional" courses...

The 180-Year Old "Bad Idea" That Could "Strangle" Your Course

Let's rewind around 180 years.

It's the 1840s and an English educator named Sir Isaac Pitman begins teaching shorthand by mail. He writes his lessons onto the back of postcards at regular intervals and mails them to students.

It was the world's first home-study course, and not much has changed since.

While the postcards may have been replaced by videos, the intent remains the same: to simply impart a lot of information to students.

And that's puzzling -- since it's widely understood that this is the WORST way to learn something new. And it's why -- despite the growing popularity of online courses in today's world -- they simply don't work for most people.

In fact, across all industries, it's been shown that...

Up to 97% of students will quit the online courses they buy.

And when this happens to you? The net cost to your business can be absolutely catastrophic.

Here's what I mean...

How My First Course Turned Into an Epic "Fail"

I launched my first course in 2012 for the same reason as many other people: I wanted to leverage my time and help a lot more people than I could one by one.

So I set to work creating that course in the way the gurus taught me. And a few months of exhausting and expensive hard work later, we hit "publish" and waited for the money to start rolling in.

But... it didn't quite work out the way I imagined.

Out of all my new students, the vast majority (around 95% of them) never completed it.

While the students who DID take action got great results, the vast majority got stuck somewhere along the way and abandoned. Or "life" happened, and they never logged back in. Or a million other reasons.

And I couldn't work out why, which sent me into an emotional tailspin.

The course I'd been so proud of never had the IMPACT that I dreamed it would.

And after so much time, countless hours of effort, I felt ashamed that this was all I could accomplish.

The Huge Cost
I Never Expected

And this massive student inaction also came with a HUGE cost to my business that I never considered before it actually happened to me.

My refunds were far too high, which ate into my profit -- big time.

I didn't get referrals for obvious reasons.

And I didn't have that flood of successful, happy students coming back to buy my next course that I'd been counting on...

As a result:

I felt backed into a corner, forced to keep filling my business with one-time buyers just to keep the lights on. And I discovered that one-time buyers are up to 16 times more expensive to get than repeat buyers! UGH!

I got into this business to help people, and I felt that instead of helping, I was letting them down. And frankly, I didn't want to sell a course that wasn't predictably getting results for the majority of my students.

So I found myself on the marketing treadmill working 24/7, limping from promotion to promotion as best I could, just barely keeping my head above the water. I was completely exhausted, overwhelmed, burning the candle at both ends, and at my wit's end.

In fact, I was about to quit, when I discovered that...

The Problem Was Far Bigger Than I Thought

One day, while lying on my couch in despair, I dialed a friend who is also a course creator, and told her what was going on.

I asked her point blank:

Do you have this problem too? Do 95% or more of your students not complete your courses?"

There was a pause, followed by an intake of breath, and then she said something that's stayed with me ever since. She said: "Yes, I do. And Marisa, maybe not everyone's meant to succeed."

That's when I realized two things:

First, I realized this was a universal problem, affecting ALL course creators and students.

And second, I realized that I wasn't OK with the idea of creating courses and products that I knew 95% of people would quit. On some basic level, I just didn't buy into the idea that some people aren't meant to succeed.

So I went looking for an answer, and I found inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

My "Near Death" Experience & the Gift It Gave Me

The scene: Summer, 2016. My husband Murray and I are on vacation in Rome, Italy.

Late one Friday night, walking back from dinner, we take a shortcut down a dark alley and immediately hear a scuffling in the darkness.

Certain we were about to die, we froze and scanned the alley. That's then we see them: a young couple in a dark corner, crouched over their phones, their faces lit by their screens.

Murray pauses and says a single word to them: Pokemon?

Busted! They spring up, laugh, and run back down the alley in search of more virtual creatures to "capture."

In the month since we had left the US, Pokemon Go had become a global phenomenon, inspiring the kind of engagement that I'd never seen before.

Millions of grown adults, and even entire families, had begun taking to public spaces around the world to chase little virtual creatures through the streets.

You may have seen the famous videos of thousands of people stampeding through Central Park and Santa Monica when rare Pokemons spontaneously spawned...

Some of the more passionate even began traveling the world and going to crazy destinations to find the rarest Pokemons of all.

The game was so popular among ALL kinds of people that, by the time of our adventure in that alley in Rome, they'd reportedly already made $200 million dollars.

That's when I discovered...

Silicon Valley's Trillion Dollar Secret

While watching those videos, I realized that Silicon Valley had figured out something the rest of us mere mortal course creators had not.

  • How to get (and keep) attention in the most crowded market the world has ever seen
  • How to get people excited 🤩 and engaged 🏃‍♀️ over long periods of time
  • How to motivate simply staggering levels of action 💪
  • How to turn "normal" people into mega-fans, passionate users and committed customers 👍 who spend money 💰 over and over
  • And all for the kinds of things that (let's be honest?) don't really matter.

And when I thought back to how I'd struggled to get people to finish my course, despite the HUGE positive effect it would have on their lives, it made zero sense to me and felt so unfair.

But instead of getting angry or resentful, I got curious.

I wanted to understand exactly HOW they were doing it.

How they "hook" us, hold our attention, and motivate us to invest so much of our precious time and money into their products.

So I spent a whole year researching everything Silicon Valley.

I installed and played with all of the biggest selling games and the most viral apps. I deconstructed them all, ripped them apart. And I analyzed what they were doing.

I watched my own behavior. How I felt, acted and responded.

This all led to...

My Major Discovery:
The 10 Core "Experiences"

As I went deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, I made a major discovery. I found that THE most addictive apps & games all did very similar & predictable things, in the same way.

Specifically, they all created certain kinds of "experiences" for the user. So I started to document them, and pretty quickly, a pattern began to form.

The deeper I went, the more I found the same 10 Core "Experiences" cropping up over and over and over.

The more of the 10 "experiences" an app or game stacked together, the more addictive it felt, and the more I wanted to engage with it... and the more I thought about it while I was AWAY from my phone.

I realized there was nothing "accidental" about this. Silicon Valley has poured billions into understanding how to activate the reward center inside our brains, flooding our bodies with dopamine each time we push a button or get a notification... so we would want to keep coming back, taking those actions and getting those rewards.

And it worked! Humanity is totally utterly, for better or for worse, addicted.

50 million people around the world meet the clinical definition of addiction because of their Facebook habits.
58% of smartphone users can't go an hour without checking their phones and an average user checks their phone over 150 times a day.

Ironically there are even apps for addiction recovery! These tech giants have exploited the Dopamine Button in our brains to get us completely and utterly addicted to using their technology.

And in a moment I'm going to show you can easily use these ideas in your course to empower your students, clients and customers to replace an empty addiction with the desire to learn, grow and make their lives better through your online course or program...

Because the truth is you're not ONLY competing against other business owners and course creators, you're ALSO competing against the tech giants who are claiming so much of our valuable time and attention...

And you don't stand a chance if you're creating courses in the "old" way... the way that it's always been done.

The Small Experiment That Led to HUGE Results

As I analyzed that first course with this fresh perspective, I found that I was using almost none of those "experiences" in my curriculum.

That was the moment it all made sense to me.

And instantly, I realized why I was struggling to get student engagement. I understood why 95% of my students were dropping out.

And why I wasn't seeing the referrals and repeat sales I hoped for.

And then, the only question that remained was: what would happen when I applied these 10 Core Experiences to my online courses, digital products and programs to get similar levels of engagement, action, desire, passion and even healthy addiction?

I decided to start by running a small experiment to see if my new Experience Formula™ would work with an online course.

  • I wanted to know, Could it work for me as well as it worked for them?
  • Could I use these same Core Experiences in my courses to support my students? Would they work as well?
  • Could they help get people THAT excited about not just buying a course, but implementing what they bought, and ultimately changing their lives?
  • Could I inspire the same levels of engagement among my students, so they can't stop thinking about my course?

If it worked, it would be a brand new, never-tried-before approach to creating courses.

So I sprinkled a few experiences into my training content, and then stood back and waited to see what happened. While my gut told me I was onto something, even I wasn't expecting what actually happened.

My 5% student success rate jumped to a massive 76%!

This small "beta group" of students all wanted to buy more and more from me, and turned into $138,000 in a matter of months! Flash forward again and that small initial test group was responsible for $707,865!

My lifetime customer value skyrocketed from $550 to $5,574, landing me on the Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America three years in a row.

That was when I realized that I'd discovered an entirely NEW kind of product that turned the "best practices" of the entire online education industry upside down and inside out.

Introducing the New Kind of High-Profit Course That's Taking the World By Storm...

The success I had taking the little-known secrets of Silicon Valley and applying them to my own online course made me realize that I wasn't creating a traditional online course or info product any more...

I was creating a brand new kind of course that the world had never seen before... I was creating what I called an Experience Product™.

An Experience Product is a product, program or course that combines the 10 Core Experiences of the Experience Formula™, while avoiding the 10 Anti-Experiences you find in most online courses. This results in dramatically more student engagement and success than other traditional approaches, by activating the reward center in people's brains and propelling them into taking massive action.

These Core Experiences combine the most powerful elements of gamification, learning theory, and psychology to create an engaging experience that works with (rather than against) the brain to get your customers “hooked” on taking action and getting life-changing results.

When you stack these 10 Core Experiences into every element of your Experience Product, you create Experience Escalation, which is like an upward spiral that propels your customers across the finish line of your course in record numbers.

And when your customers win, you win too. Refunds drop, referrals and repeat sales go through the roof, because customer success really is the new marketing.

That's why Experience Products have changed the game when it comes to how we empower students, clients and customers to replace empty scrolling with the desire to learn, grow and make their lives better through an online course or program.

But before I got too excited, I had to make sure this wasn't just a fluke. So I started sharing my ideas with the very same colleagues who I knew were having the same problem I was.

It Blew Away What I Even Thought Was Possible

Every single one of my colleagues had immediate results. People with 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses:

Josh Turner, known as the world's LinkedIn Selling expert and one of the fastest growing companies on the Inc 5000 list for 5 years in a row, had just loaded 700 new students into his course and wanted to increase his student engagement. Here's what happened when his team applied the Experience Formula™ to his course:

“We had a much more engaged group. People were really into the contest, and the gamification helped to give them that extrinsic motivation they needed to continue plugging away and complete the program so they could get the results we promised!

It was definitely the highest level of completion that we have ever had in any of our programs — halfway into the course we noticed that 92.7% of purchasers had taken action. And refunds were down approximately 70%."

- Josh Turner

And Josh was not alone. Personal development expert Mary Morrissey also saw a HUGE lift in sales and engagement when she applied these principles to her new course, the 8 Spiritual Secrets for Multiplying Your Money...

They made 65% over their projected sales calls and saw 36% of her students complete the ENTIRE program — which is 12x the industry average.

And then there's Matt McWilliams, an affiliate marketing expert who used these Core Experiences to add a series of simple wins right from Day 1 of his program, which completely TRANSFORMED his online course results…

Because people were engaged right from the start, he was able to SLASH his refund rate from 15% to just 1%, which had a direct impact on revenue and added $100,000 to his bottom line in SAVED sales.

PLUS, because people were taking action and getting engaged, they also COMPLETED his program, boosting customer success by 300%.

And because people were SUCCEEDING and LOVING his program, they wanted to buy his NEXT offer as well, leading to an extra $200,000 in upsells…

That's when I realized I was onto something big! But I wanted to make sure that my ideas worked for everybody, and not just the industry heavyweights with large businesses...

I've now shared the Experience Formula™ with thousands of my students and clients in every industry imaginable. And they work for every experience level imaginable.

Meet some of the 2,034 successful EPM course creators...

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results

In addition to working for all kinds of people, The Experience Formula® also works for ALL kinds of products — from info products to online courses, from 1:Many group coaching programs to 1:1 coaching or consulting, and even service businesses.

Like Hichem Refes, a corporate employee in Algeria who initially joined us in EPM to build an online course, but ended up creating a 1:1, high-ticket consulting package for telecom businesses and quickly brought in $750K in sales... he got so many orders he had to stop taking people's money and start a wait list!

Then there's Francois Sauro, who earned $180,000 Canadian from JUST ONE SALE to a corporation who bought 130 licenses for his "Outlook like a Pro" course.

In his words, "I sold my program to 130 people for 2019 for a whopping $180,000 CAD. After 9 years in business, it's the first time that I was able to sell to such a big group in one company… in this format! WOOOOOWWWW... I'll need help to make it happen."

Creating an Experience Product is what made Francois stand out from the millions of other corporate trainers creating courses in the old way.

And then there's medical doctors Arjun & Shobha Rayapudi who had been doing in-person health workshops in their home town for years. They joined us in EPM to take their workshops online and overnight, brought in over $135K in sales to customers they never could have reached if they had kept their work local.

Arjun's now been able to go half-time in his work as a surgeon, and spends his time growing his online business. They're about to cross the quarter million dollar mark as they take their message of health to the world.

And of course we've got Beth Ellen Nash of "Wings to Soar" Online Academy! She was already making $158,000 a year with her homeschool programs for dyslexic learners. She found the Experience Formula™ right around the time the pandemic hit and grew her business 238% in 2020. Now her business is poised to cross the half-million dollar mark.

Gila Levitt had been dreaming of creating an online course for years, but she just never had the confidence to move forward. But once she saw that there was a new way to create courses that virtually guaranteed success, she decided it was time. And her results right out of the gate were amazing. She made $90,000 with her very first course helping Orthodox Jewish women reignite their marriages...

And since then... she's relaunched her course a few times, bringing her grand total for this one program to well over a quarter million dollars in less than 2 years. And remember, she'd never done anything like this before!

Joyce Dias also focused on 1:1 coaching and quickly made $9,000 from 3 clients, which gave her the experience and confidence she needed to raise her rates. So the next time she launched, she brought in $83,500 from just TWO clients — a massive result!

These are just 6 of the 2,034 success stories we have for EPM. Visit to see the other 2,028!


My Biggest Lesson: Humans CRAVE Experiences, Not Information

As for me, ever since I started using the Experience Formula™ in all my courses, every single one has become a Million-Dollar Online Course.

Because now I'm creating the kind of product people actually want to buy... AND complete!

It's clear that consumer behavior has changed radically over the past 20 years.

Overwhelmingly, we now crave experiences, not information or things, and we'll pay a premium for them.

After all, life is all about experiences. We treasure and cherish them because they’re what make us human. They're what move us, make us feel, and help us learn and grow.

And this is why Experience Products -- "experience-based" courses, trainings & digital products -- will always attract higher prices, and guarantee higher student engagement and success.

It's why they're easier and quicker to create, make students happier, and are up to 16 times more profitable than a regular course.

The time is NOW to let go of the "old" way of creating courses and get started with your very own Experience Product.

And I'd be honored to be your coach and guide in the Experience Product Masterclass, a 12-week, results-guaranteed experience designed to help you design, launch and profit from an Experience Product, so you can get off the marketing treadmill, make more sales and have a bigger impact.

If you're tired of dreaming of having an online course...

If you've tried and failed before...

If you have a course that's not doing as well as it could be...

Or if you're ready to add another...

Your Mission
Should You Choose to Accept It...

If you want to use the power of Experience Products® to transform your business by transforming your customer's lives, you're invited to join us in the 2022 edition of the Experience Product Masterclass:

Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to design, launch and profit from an Experience Product in 12 weeks or less, so you can get off the marketing treadmill, make more sales and have a bigger impact. Guaranteed!

And we'll be doing it together with support, guidance and feedback every step of the way. The Masterclass is an Experience Product® (of course).

Which means that you're going to LEARN the Experience Formula™... while EXPERIENCING it first-hand for yourself. (Which, as you now know, is the BEST way to learn!)

What You're Going to Do

EPM is a 12-week immersive experience. I'm going to go "all out" to show you exactly how to do what I'll be TEACHING you to do when it comes to experiencifying your product, program or course.
By the End of EPM You'll:

Discover Your Ideal Audience and Most Profitable Idea

Package Your Idea Into an Irresistible Offer That Drives Sales

Design Your Experience Product to Stand Out & Make a Difference

Launch FAST to Your Market Using the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Approach

Prove Your MVP by Earning Your Investment in EPM Back, Guaranteed!

Test Your Product With Real People Paying You Real Money

Create the Kind of Marketing that Reaches People & Makes Sales

Experiencify Your Product, Program or Course to Drive 10-30x More Success

Learn the Skills You Need to Increase Your Earning Capacity for Life

Here's What You'll Receive As Part of EPM

We've been running this program for 6 years now, and it gets better every year, thanks to our relentless focus on improving our student experience with every cycle.

And this year is no exception. Let me take you through what you'll receive when you enroll and why it's different from other courses at this level of investment.

Your Very Own Personal, Private Success Coach

I'm serious about helping you to overcome any potential challenge you may face on your way to what I call Mission Accomplished — designing, launching and profiting from your very own Experience Product in 12-weeks or less.

So first and foremost, I'm going to invest my own money into giving you your very own 100% private and personal coach.

All of our coaches have been hand-picked and trained by me personally, and your coach is assigned to you for the duration of our entire time together.

I don't know of any other program that provides this level of 1:1 support at this price point, but I'd prefer to take home less money if I can help make you more successful.

This is the main reason that we have 1480 success stories and counting! No other course creation program has the track record we have.

Here's how your coaching will work.

First, You Get Weekly Coaching Pod Calls

You'll get access to weekly LIVE group coaching calls with your "pod" where you can ask your coach any and all questions you have — ten group calls in total.

Bring your toughest challenges or roadblocks to these sessions for brainstorming, feedback and insightful suggestions for how to move forward.

Imagine jumping on your weekly call with a problem you're thinking about.

  • "Coach, I don't know the right type of product for me."
  • "Coach, I can't figure out the right product name."
  • "Coach, I'm having trouble implementing something in the latest lesson."
  • "Coach, I'm having trouble finding the right prospects — what do you suggest?"
  • "Coach, what do you think about this sales angle?"
  • "Coach, what would you do to bring in even more sales here?"

Whatever's on your mind, ask your coach — and get an answer.

There are coaching pods starting at 5am PT and going through 8:30pm PT each Wednesday, so no matter where you are in the world we have a coach available at a time that works for you.

We do Wisdom Wednesday in Every Time Zone

+ Unlimited Email Access & Milestone Reviews

Plus, on top of your LIVE weekly pod calls with your coach, you'll be able to get direct personal feedback from them in between calls in not one but TWO different ways:

First, you'll have unlimited access to your coach's personal email inbox.

Shoot them an email anytime day or night and get a personal response back within 48 business hours.

The benefit of having an expert at the other end of your email is frankly priceless. This kind of access to expert coaching is unheard of at this price point, and I'm not sure I'll ever offer it again.

Second, you'll get personal feedback on each and every important milestone decision you make during our 12 weeks together.

Within 48 hours you'll have personal feedback from them specifically on the decision you just made — whether it's your Product Name, Price Point, Mission, Launch Strategy or any of the other key elements related to your product, so you can feel confident you're going in the right direction and not about make any big mistakes.

Either you'll get a big green thumbs up... Or you'll get proactive suggestions for how you can pivot or adjust your ideas to make your success EVEN MORE inevitable.

To hire your own personal coach for 12 weeks for this level of expert feedback, guidance and direct personal support would cost you $10K or more, and even if you did, they won't have been personally trained by me, so you run the risk of ending up with a product that won't sell, or plain won't get results for your students.

This is a new level of personal support that you've never had before, and if you've ever failed to get results in another course or program, this could be the reason.

What Students Say About Having an Experience Product Success Coach

  • Anne Ducroquetz

    The support is great... where else do you get all of this information, as well as your own personal coach??? There was technical support, moral support, and new-found friend support from the other EPMers on our Facebook group.

  • Shane Fielder

    I enjoyed the different levels of coaching support. There was a lot to choose from, but the value gained from those sessions was incredible. I feel the current levels of delivery in this area were just right.

  • Rachel Romaine

    I couldn't believe the amount of coaching that was available to us, and not only that, we had our own personal coach, who looked at our work and gave us personal feedback.

  • Janette Holland

    I was blown away by the quantity and the extraordinary value of the content. I was also extremely grateful for the generosity of my coach and the EPM Facebook community.

  • Lydia Lightman

    EPM is just what I needed to push me forward. Marisa's over delivery is amazing. Having a personal coach has been a gift.

  • Gloria Rose

    There was so much support. Every question I had got answered, either directly in my Milestone Doc, or through listening to others being coached.

  • Debbie Moore

    Marisa and all of the coaches gave me the tools that I needed to finally FINISH what I started. The course is amazing. The support from Marisa and the coaches was more than I ever expected. I now have a system to continue to use over and over in my business.

  • Michael Horemans

    This program challenged and forced me to do the work, to change my perceptions/beliefs and to dig deep into myself of what I was going to create and how. It challenged my inner being and mindset to put things on paper, pass it by my Coach and being challenged by my Coach to rewrite and rewrite and rewrite.

  • Heather Fox

    Group coaching support was provided and I got personalized feedback from the coach on my work. I can’t put a price on how valuable his feedback was to me.

Your Guaranteed Path to a Blockbuster

Most course creators invest months (or even years) and still end up creating the wrong thing. Something that people don't really want to buy.

With our proprietary approach, you'll create just enough of your Experience Product to get immediate feedback from potential customers about what's working and what's not — so you can quickly course correct.

This guarantees that you're creating the right product, for the right people at the right price.

The Experience Product Flight Plan, which we'll be following over our 12-weeks together, is all about launching your MVP (Minimum Viable Product), proving your idea, getting you to sales faster and THEN supercharging your marketing and your product.

In Stage 1, your Flight Plan starts with the IDEA. We focus on finding and refining the Profitable Product Idea that will become a Blockbuster Hit.

Stage 2 is where together, we create your Idea to Market Blueprint, where you transform your Idea into the kind of Irresistible Offer your customers are desperate to buy.

Stage 3 is where you create your MVP and get to market fast, and hit your first sales goals, because there's no better way to prove your offer than real people paying you real money to make a real difference in their lives.

And finally, once you've PROVEN your MVP — the sky really is the limit as you begin to supercharge your marketing and your product, setting your sights on even higher goals (whether that's a few thousand dollars, a few hundred thousand dollars or even a few million dollars, our students have done it all!).

12 Weeks, 5 Modules
One Life-Changing Program

Module 1

Your Profitable Product Idea

Designing a Blockbuster Hit Starts Here

The best products start with the best and most profitable ideas — which don't happen by chance nor by waiting for lightning to strike.

It takes a proven process to zero in on the idea with the potential to fly off the shelves.

In this module, you'll discover my Profitable Product Idea. You will:

  • Choose the best product and audience for you to profit from right now
  • Make sure your Idea passes all 7 Criteria of the Profitable Niche Checklist
  • Express your Idea in one simple phrase that attracts your target market in droves
  • Pre-validate there's demand for your Idea in a way that automatically lines up your future customers
  • Create your Profitable Product Idea Blueprint so you have everything in one place

This process was developed over 7 years and 7,000 students, and can shave months or even years off your journey from idea to profit.

Whether you don't have any ideas, or you have too many ideas, or you're not sure whether your idea will work, your Blockbuster Hit Product starts here.

Module 2

Your Idea to Market Blueprint

Turning Your Idea Into an Irresistible Offer

In this module, you'll take your profitable idea and transform it into the kind of thing folks will line up to buy.

We call it your "Offer", and it's the scaffolding around your idea that makes it real. Elements such as:

  • Your blockbuster course name, your price point, your guarantee, bonuses and the reasons to buy now
  • The points of credibility that create massive buyer trust — even if you're just getting started
  • Your uniquely valuable "process" — how you go about getting your students results (a huge selling point)
  • The social proof to start attracting paying customers immediately, even if this is the first time you're doing this

The right offer can triple or even quadruple your sales, while the wrong offer will turn a great Idea into a ghost town.

By the end of this module, you'll have the deep confidence that comes from knowing that everything you're creating is exactly what your audience wants to buy.

Now you'll be ready for Module 3, where we'll start building!

Module 3

Your MVP Launch

Creating Your Minimal Viable Product & Getting to Market Fast

By the end of this module, you'll create just enough of your new program or course to be able to start making real, actual sales to real actual customers.

So many programs stop short of this critical step, and leave you stranded, wondering how to bridge the gap between theory and practice. That's a huge mistake, because it's critical to test the real world response to your offer before you create your whole course or product, while you still have time to make easy changes and pivots.

Some folks hit it out of the park on the first try, while others need to refine and adjust for a few cycles before they land on just the right thing. Either way, this process ensures you never waste months and thousands of dollars creating the wrong thing.

In this Module you'll:

  • Use the "paint-by-numbers" MVP process to choose the exact pieces of your product and how they fit together
  • Finalize your Launch “Blueprint”, including the exact concrete steps to get to market FAST and start making sales straight away
  • Choose and deploy one of the 3 simple marketing & promotion campaigns to locate and find the people most likely to want to buy from you
  • Copy/paste from our pre-written campaign messaging templates to immediately have people wanting to know more (versus tuning out or scrolling past)
  • Follow the word-for-word sales scripts to confidently sell your MVP and start taking money even before the end of the module!
Module 4

Supercharge Your Marketing

Reach Even More People & Make Even More Sales

Now that you've proven your offer by making some sales, our optional Module 4 is where you can take your marketing even further by stacking 2-3 campaigns together to create a supercharged, multiplier effect.

Whether you stack simple campaigns, requiring little-to-no technology, or more robust campaigns — this is how you realize Goal X. A whole lot more. Whatever that looks like to you.

In this Module, get ready to turn a handful of sales into an avalanche:

  • Get our EIGHT pre-written ready-to-go "Experience Marketing" Campaigns that you can just plug right in
  • Recieve my entire vault of pre-written scripts, emails, web page templates, sales & video scripts that you can take and customize or just use "as is" — they're yours and they've generated literally millions of dollars for my other students
  • Create a Custom Campaign Stack that suits your dominant marketing style — whether you prefer to sell through 1:1 conversations, speaking to groups, or writing — so marketable feels easier than it ever has before
  • Recieve my entire vault of pre-written scripts, emails and web page templates that you can take and customize or just use "as is" — they're yours and they've generated literally millions of dollars for my other students
  • Stand out with your marketing in a powerful, unique, fresh and engaging way that gets the attention of your ideal customers, which is 99% of the battle in today's noisy marketplace, so you can make some real money

After that, we start to really dial up the "WOW" for your students...

Module 5

Experience Escalation

Supercharge Your Results

Now that you've proven your product with real sales and you have a plan for reaching even more people and making even more money, this is where we pour fuel on the fire by "experiencifying" your course.

"Experiencification" is the process of stacking the 10 Core Experiences of The Experience Formula™ into every element of your Experience Product, to increase the effectiveness of your product by 10-30 times.

In this Module you'll:

  • "Experiencify" your program with the 10 Core Experiences of The Experience Formula™ to create an engaging experience that works with (rather than against) the brain to get your customers “hooked” on taking action and getting results
  • Watch as your students spontaneously put down distractions and excuses and become "achievement machines", focused on taking action, getting results and bringing more customers your way
  • Embed a powerful process for gathering success stories right into your course, so you can quickly have dozens if not hundreds of glowing testimonials (this is how I ended up with 1480 testimonials and counting for EPM!)

Join EPM Today

& Create, Launch & Sell Your First
(Or Next) Experience Product

$2,497 OR 6 PAYMENTS OF $497

We privacy and don't share your info.

Terms and Conditions

Make Your Money Back Guarantee

I'm putting my own money on the line.

We've run this program 6-years now and have some of the highest success rates in the industry — so it should come as no surprise that we offer the best guarantee in the industry that literally assures your success.

The guarantee is simple: You WILL make your EPM investment back during the 12 weeks of the program, or I'll personally PayPal you the difference — up to the amount you invested.

Naturally, we do literally everything we can to make that a virtually foregone outcome for you.

You get ALL the program materials. ALL the private and group coaching. Full access to ALL resources in the community. Plus, ALL the bonuses listed below, including the 32 hours of personal, group coaching with me, AND we'll even build your course membership site for you.

The only condition I place on you to qualify for this guarantee is a reasonable one: take action.

Just take the action we ask you to take in this program, and use the coaching I'm providing for you, and if you don't make your investment back, I'll send you back the difference — up to the amount you invested.

When you succeed, I succeed. But if you FAIL, it costs me real money. And I'm happy to put myself on the line for your success, because I honestly believe that there's no earthly way you can fail if you follow the program and take action.

And because this IS an Experience Product, we're going to be doing everything we can to make that as fun... and as easy... and as engaging as possible for you.

So if you're ready to accept this (frankly) crazy amount of support, be open minded and coachable, and follow our simple process, you absolutely have nothing to lose...


What's One
Successful Experience
Product Going To Be
Worth to You?

If I could speed you right past the roadblocks and the mistakes I made, and in just 12 weeks help you design, launch and profit from an Experience Product, what would that be worth to you?

  • For Annie it was worth $21,000 in 90 minutes
  • For Davina and Galen it was worth $47,413
  • For Elaine, $15,000
  • And for Raglan it was $120,000

And then there are ALL the grads who have — a few years later — turned their experience products into wildly successful online course businesses!

Like Kat Coroy who came to us after struggling to build a traditional physical product business for almost 3 years.

And with our help, she created an online Instagram course in 12 weeks that brought in an amazing $16,000 the very first time she launched it.

And now, just a few years later, she's sold over 10K copies of that program, which she markets on one social media channel with one webinar and no team...

If your focus is on IMPACT more than just money, know that you're not alone. Many of my students are proud of what they're helping others accomplish…

Leroy King III

“I have spent several years working for non- profits as director and executive director. My sweet spot was always helping marginalized people, businesses, and communities solve problems and build strategies forward. Working with those without resources and institutions was different sides of the same coin. I worked to bridge the gap between the two communities. But the training, one of many services I provide to organizations, I desired to do had to be stellar. I was looking to create an experience, not just provide knowledge. This is when I came across EPM. The experience has been amazing and I'm creating the product I was hoping to create.”

Colette Dalton

“As an experienced therapist wanting to expand my reach, I was feeling lost and confused about what to do in order to help more people. I had so many ideas and I felt like I was receiving conflicting information from all sides and I wasn't sure what to do. I joined EPM and was blown away by the high touch coaching support and process. With the guidance and support, I created a retreat that had 4 people sign up for the retreat immediately!”

Ariel Clifton

“I knew that I had a message (Better Living Better World) and that I wanted to have a business around it. But I didn't know where to start. I bought courses and I learned things from them but I still didn't have an offer of any kind. For years I chased my tail trying to figure out how to grow my business and what to offer. Thanks to Experience Product Masterclass I launched my first offer, College Without Sacrificing Your Future. It's a 6 week 1:few course to help college bound teens and their parents navigate how to pay for college with minimal student debt and without parents derailing their finances.”

Carey MacCarthy

“I had been ill for 2 years after working as an Art Therapist with the US Federal Government Indian Health Services. I had a non-profit on the side where I had already developed my START UP! Art Therapy To Rewire your Brain Neurodevelopmental Art Therapy Trauma Treatment Training product and was giving trainings in Native American reservations throughout the country. Being only one person, I had always dreamed of being able to put my training course online to meet the growing need and demand for my trainings to address historical and inter-generational trauma in the Native American population. Thanks to Marisa and her amazing Experience Product Masterclass, I have been able to learn the crucial product development and marketing tools needed to launch my product to ALL cultures, while knowing that my health is protected because I can work from a place I know is safe. I have an invitation to be featured in a popular European Neuroscience magazine, and invited to present at various other therapist sites! I am set up to have my best year yet! So thank you for helping me to realize my dream of helping the Native American People and ALL Cultures to heal!!!”

Sharron Hickman

“After 25 years of conventional nursing and working in an educational role, I became aware there was more to health than the prescribed low fat diet and medication options offered. I became trained as a Whole Health Educator, Eating Psychology Coach and Functional Medicine Health Coach. I have been working with women on weight loss over the past 5 years with great success, teaching them it's not all about the calories and excruciating exercise regimes but so much more. I begin with each client in the same way with fundamentals of health which ultimately leads to weight loss, increased energy & vibrancy. As much of what I teach clients is repetitive I wanted to come up with an online course to roll out to many more people. I have achieved so much in my 12 weeks in the program, basically creating the whole course along with launch date and what is included in each module (if you keep up with each module and milestones you can easily create this). I am very grateful for all the knowledge, support and ideas that have been provided, along with critique of my work by my coach, to make sure it appeals to my target audience. A huge thankyou I cannot believe what I have achieved in 12 weeks, a whole course outline ready to launch...fantastic!”

AG Ballew

“In 2012 I was asked a single question that changed the trajectory of my life -- "Why are children getting sicker and sicker, and younger and younger ages, with the chronic diseases that were once reserved for the elderly...?" In 2012, I set out on a quest to uncover the root, root causes of chronic disease -- chronic inflammation. After investing over 60,000 hours during the last ten years, I developed a comprehensive and scalable solution to eliminate the root causes of chronic inflammation. Joining EPM was the catalyst that I needed to develop the tools to organize and share my solution with others.”

What I'm Really Offering You

If there’s anything I’ve learned as a coach and mentor to over 10,000 students it’s this: If you can do it once, you can do it again... and again... and again.

Students who joined me when I first released EPM, now have robust online businesses that are crossing the million dollar a year mark!

So — what I'm really offering you here today isn't the opportunity to profit once.

I'm actually giving you a valuable skill that allows you to profit from an online course or group coaching program ANY time you want. For the rest of your life.

While making a huge difference in the lives of your students, clients and customers...

So you're not just investing in a 12-week program, you're investing in ALL the future success that's coming your way thanks to the new skills you'll develop in EPM. Because having the right skills will set you up for a lifetime of results.

I have hundreds more stories I could share — and thousands of pages of testimonials from student after student whose businesses — and lives — have completely changed after enrolling in EPM. The only complaint I’ve heard is that they wish they’d have joined sooner.

Every moment you allow yourself to stay on the hamster wheel... working harder and harder for not enough return... feeling constantly overwhelmed, in your own way, or not knowing what to do next, is a wasted opportunity.

Every moment you wait to put out a product or course that creates huge success for your customers, you're missing out on all the sales and referrals and success stories.

This Is Your Moment To Make An Impact
and Profit From Your Knowledge & Experience...

$2,497 OR 6 PAYMENTS OF $497

We privacy and don't share your info.

Terms and Conditions

An Unparalleled Bonus Package

Bonus 1

Done-for-You Membership Site on Xperiencify

$5,000 Value

That's right, we're actually going to build your course, program or product membership site FOR you!

So if you're worried about not having enough time to get everything done, or worried that you're not technical enough, or would just love to have our professional team take care of it for you - we got you.

You'll map out, plan and record your product, but we'll actually build it out in Xperiencify, a platform purpose-built to run Experience Products.

It comes complete with all the gamification & "experiencification" we've been talking about, and dozens of other features that will help you powerfully engage and motivate 10-30 times more students to take action, get results and become repeat customers.

You get:

  • Unlimited courses and unlimited students (there's no penalty for success like on some platforms)
  • Points, sound effects and "easter eggs" to make your course dramatically more fun & engaging than regular courses
  • 5 content drip styles, content tracks, and the ability to unlock prizes and content for points
  • Built-in order forms that let you make sales without any other tools needed
  • FOMO features such as countdown timers, "self-destructing" and use-it-or-lose-it content
  • Our unique Red Alert system that automatically saves students before they quit your course
  • Social proof with badges, leaderboards, Facebook automations and certificates
  • Powerful community features including our famous "warm welcome", full commenting and messaging engine
  • Six kinds of course celebration triggers plus access to our celebration builder to create celebrations that surprise and delight your students, cause massive joy and get them to spread the word about your course!

Just give us your course materials within one year of the end of the program, pay your first month's subscription, and we'll get you fully loaded in Xperiencify within 2 weeks. We'll just ask you a few questions, then get 'er done for you.

We value this bonus at $5,000 because of the incredible value and peace of mind it gives you, as well as all the benefits that come with massive student success including radically LESS refunds and radically MORE repeat sales and referrals.

With this bonus, you'll be able to relax, knowing your Experience Product is set up right, according to MY personal experiencification best practices, and it frees you up so you can do what you do best.

Bonus 2

Speak! How to Use Talks & Webinars to Fill Your Programs

$997 Value

Just like one-on-one sales, selling on webinars doesn't come naturally to most people. Just the contrary!

Yet Webinars really are the best way to convert large audiences into cash, quickly, and this is the definitive masterclass on how to structure and deliver a powerful live talk or webinar that generates ALL the sales you want, in a way that feels completely natural and easy.

So if you've been webinar-curious, this bonus ALONE could add thousands to your bottom line.

Bonus 3

Sales for Superheroes

$997 Value

The perfect training for those who are not natural salespeople. It includes the EXACT scripts to easily sell your product, program our course through easy one-on-one sales conversations which are -- hands down -- the easiest, quickest and most effective way to bring a large amount of money into your business when you're first getting started.

This is THE lowest-pressure way to get ninja at talking naturally to people, and selling them what you do without EVER feeling salesy, pushy or slimy.

Bonus 4

Two Complimentary Tuition Waivers to Live Your Message LIVE (our Annual Business Growth Event)

$1,800 Value

Your Experience Product is just the beginning of everything that's possible for your business. And I want to be your guide as you grow your business even further.

Live Your Message LIVE is the perfect next step for you, because it builds on everything you're about to learn in the Experience Product Masterclass. It answers the obvious next questions you're bound to have like:

  • Once you have your first Experience Product, what should you offer next?
  • How do you create an ENTIRE integrated product suite that turns first-time buyers into customers FOR LIFE?
  • How can you turn a one-off online course into a thriving online business?
  • How do you reach bigger and bigger audiences with your products?

This is important because THE most successful businesses on the planet make up to 80% of their revenue from repeat sales — and the most profitable and successful online education companies in the world have a deep suite of products that take you further and further.

It's all happening in March. People have flown in from around the world to be at this event, paying up to $1000 a ticket, but you and a friend get to join us from home and your tuition is included with this bonus! We do ask that you pay for the $100 Box of event materials we deliver to your doorstep, since we know from experience that materials in hand make a huge difference in your experience.

Bonus 5

10 "Get-It-Done" Trainings with our Elite Coaches

$2,000 Value

We always recommend taking a "Minimum Viable Technology" approach to launching your product, especially when you're first getting started, but it's impossible to completely avoid it, so bonus number 3 is access to our 10 "Get It Done Friday" Sessions.

These are group coaching sessions where my team of elite marketing & technology coaches will get you past any tech challenges or concerns standing in the way of you getting your Experience Product out into the world and making money.

Regardless of where you fall on the tech spectrum, we'll cover all your tech and implementation questions. Such as, how can I take payments online? How do I book potential buyers on my calendar? How can I host dynamic Zoom calls or record beautiful videos for my Experience Product? And a whole lot more...

Loretta Alexander

"Get It Done trainings went above and beyond any expectations. I am 1000% more confident that I can learn the tech I need to do what I need to do."

Lynne Reid-McConnell

"For me the Get It Done trainings were absolutely priceless, I learned so much from Mathew and Emily, they made technology so accessible."

Mair Hill

"The Get It Done trainings with Matthew and Emily were AMAZING. I learned so much so fast and left the fear behind. Thank you!"

Arvind Devalia

"The weekly Monday Calls with Marisa and the Get It Done Friday Calls were the highlights of my week."

Paul Litwack

"Helpful too were the multiple, weekly coaching calls: Mondays with Marisa, Wisdom Wednesdays with my Coach, and Get It Done Friday ‘technology triage’ calls."

Mary Jo Gremling

"The Get It Done Friday Sessions with Coaches Matthew and Emily gave very practical solutions that require little to no expense or technical expertise (plus they made learning fun!)"


Audience Building Bundle: How to Grow an Audience for Your Course on Today's Top 5 Social Networks

$2,500 Value

That brings us to bonus number six. I know that once you have your very own experience product out in the world, making money, you're going to want to build your audience -- FAST... so you have more and more people ready to buy your product, program or course.

So, when you join the Experience Product Masterclass, I'm going to give you our very special Audience Building Bundle -- these are 5 step-by-step trainings on exactly how to build your audience where they're already hanging out. I'm talking about TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn...

If you want a crash course on how to build your audience in any or all of these 5 critical places, this bonus is for you.

Each training features the premiere expert on each platform and includes turnkey resources and templates to get you up and running fast.


A Lifetime License to Use the Experience Product Trademark

$1,000 Value

There’s such a buzz around Experience Products nowadays that we’ve already seen lots of copycats spring up to try to meet the huge new demand for Experience Products in the marketplace.

But if they haven’t been through EPM, then the odds are strong that they’re not selling a real Experience Product that their customers can count on to support their success.

That's why we made the decision early on to trademark the term “Experience Product" with the US Patent & Trademark Office -- which allows us to protect and control these ideas from misuse, and also makes this bonus possible.

When you graduate from EPM, you'll be granted a lifetime, irrevocable license to use the Experience Product trademark when describing your products. The fee to license a trademark like this has been estimated at $1,000 per year, but as an Experience Product Masterclass graduate, you’ll have a lifetime license, and we’ll actually send you a physical license in the mail that says just that.

Simply complete the first 3 Modules of the program, hit the graduation button and submit your graduation story and course blueprints to qualify for this bonus.


Behind the Scenes Launch Success Secrets

$500 Value

When you pay your entire tuition up front, you’ll get an exclusive bonus.

You'll receive access to "Behind-the-Scenes Launch Success Secrets" -- an exclusive 3-hour session taken directly from my year-long Momentum program.

You’ll be privy to the secrets that myself and some of my most successful and experienced students are using to run smooth and successful product launches, plus you'll get the templates I personally use to run my million-dollar launches.

This unique bonus is designed to give you an almost "unfair" advantage during the launch of your first or next Experience Product.

Join Today & Get Everything You Need

To Launch Your Experience Product

$2,497 OR 6 PAYMENTS OF $497

We privacy and don't share your info.

Terms and Conditions

What You Get

in the Experience Product Masterclass

Lifetime Access to all 5 Modules of the Experience Product Masterclass

  • Module 1: Your Profitable Product Idea
  • Module 2: Your Idea to Market Blueprint
  • Module 3: Your MVP Launch
  • Module 4: Supercharge Your Marketing
  • Module 5: Experience Escalation


Your Very Own Personal, Private Success Coach:

  • 10 Weekly Coaching Pod Calls
  • 12 Weeks of Unlimited Email Access
  • 12 Weeks of Unlimited Milestone Reviews


And By Investing Today, You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses:

BONUS 1: Done-for-You Membership Site on Xperiencify


BONUS 2: Speak! How to Use Talks & Webinars to Fill Your Programs


BONUS 3: Sales for Superheroes


BONUS 4: Two Complimentary Tuition Waivers to Live Your Message LIVE (our Annual Business Growth Event)


BONUS 5: 10 "Get-It-Done" Trainings with our Elite Coaches


BONUS 6: Audience Building Bundle: How to Grow an Audience for Your Course on Today's Top 5 Social Networks


Total Value


Join Today for Only


6-Installment Option


Thousands Are Already Profiting
From this New Type of Course

Hichem Refes

"I went way beyond Mission Accomplished and hit the $750K mark during my beta launch!"

Kat Coroy

"My course now has over 10,000 students in it. My students are lifelong fans and they tell everyone they know about my course."

Kerry Walters

"Resounding success... It was our second largest launch ever! We were more than 65% over our projected sales goals and revenue."

Carol Dickson-Carr

"Even before I put my beta information out into the world, I manifested a gig that was tailor-made for me at a price-point that was 5X the price!"

Josh Turner

"Halfway into the course we noticed that 92.7% of purchasers had taken action, and refunds were down about 70%."

Jennifer Holbus

"During EPM, 4 weeks in I signed my first client and that was $100,000 for 6 months."

*Experience Product Masterclass has thousands of successful students. These are some of our best students and their results may not be typical.

Your Last Chance to Get In This Year!

$2,497 OR 6 PAYMENTS OF $497

We privacy and don't share your info.

Terms and Conditions

Here’s What Will Happen When You Join

Once you complete your registration you'll be instantly redirected into our member's portal. No need to dig through emails to find hard-to-type passwords. My goal is to get you into action from Moment 1 of Day 1.

You're going to get your first win within minutes of clicking that Get Started button... and my goal is to build you up over the next 12 weeks to what I call "Unstoppable Momentum" — the state of unlimited possibility grounded in real world action.

So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design, launch and profit from an Experience Product ® in 12-weeks or less, so you can get off the marketing treadmill, make more sales, and have more impact.

In just 12 weeks from now you're going to look back and realize you've created your Experience Product ®: a lucrative product designed to be effective, fun and engaging for your customers that was actually easier than you ever imagined to create, market and sell.

AND, you'll have at least $2,000 (likely far more) in your bank account from the initial sales of your Experience Product… guaranteed.

Plus the knowledge that you can repeat the process, over and over again, anytime you want, for the rest of your life!

Which Path Will You Take?

Will you take the path most people take? And keep doing things the way they've always been done? And continue to struggle with courses that students don't complete?

Or will you take the new, safer & proven "Experience Product" road that's leading more and more people to greater success, more & happier students, more sales, and dramatically more referrals and success stories?

Take the new road and you'll join the great company of thousands of Marisa's successful students who have come before you.

Along with the industry leaders who are en-mass abandoning the old way of creating courses — folks like:

Mary Morrissey, Eben Pagan, Sage Lavine, Josh Turner, Ed Dale, Taki Moore, Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley, Shaa Wasmund, Jesse Koren & Sharla Jacobs, Sonia Ricotti, Molly Mahoney, Bill Baren, Ocean Robbins, Callan Rush, Jon Morrow, Matt McWilliams, Bob Doyle, Michael Bernoff, Jeanna Gabellini, Michelle Schubnel and the list grows larger every month.

The choice is naturally yours, but the path to success has never been clearer to see.

Still Got Questions?

No Problem. We Have Answers!

Click any of the items below to reveal an answer.

  • How does the $2,500 guarantee work?

    We call it the “Make Your Money Back Guarantee.”

    It’s simple -- if you don’t make your money back ($2,500) by the end of our 12-week course, we’ll PayPal you the difference.

    That’s how confident we are in our Experience Formula™ -- we're willing to put our money where our mouth is and take on the risk of your investment.

    The decision to join EPM should be a no-brainer. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

    All we ask to qualify for this guarantee is a reasonable one: take action. (see Terms and Conditions for details).

    When you take the action in this program and use the coaching I'm providing for you, it puts you on the path to success.

    If you do your part, you’ll get your investment back whether you make it yourself or we give it to you… and we’re pretty sure we know which outcome you’ll experience!

  • How will I make my investment back?

    By marketing and selling your product, of course!

    Not confident in your marketing or sales skills? Don’t worry: When you join EPM today, you’ll get our “Marketing Booster Pack” as an added bonus.

    Your Marketing Booster Pack includes two essential trainings to ensure your success:

    • Sales for Superheros -- We give you scripts to help make sales a cinch. Not only that, but you’ll learn how to navigate one-on-one conversations and the easiest, most effective way to generate income fast.
    • Speak! How to Use Talks & Webinars to Fill Your Programs -- Webinars are the best way to convert ears in your audience to dollars in your pocket. This definitive masterclass will teach you how to structure and deliver a live talk or webinar that feels natural and easy to you (even if you don’t think you’re a great speaker).

    We include this Marketing Booster Pack for you because we know some people are more comfortable creating or teaching than they are marketing… But marketing doesn’t have to be scary or feel slimy!

    Not only will this bonus help you sell your product, it will make marketing fun.

  • I’m not very tech-savvy, how do I build gamification into my course?

    That’s easy -- we do it for you.

    One of your added bonuses for joining EPM today is a Done-For-You Membership Site in Xperiencify.

    You plan everything out and record your videos, then we build the whole thing for you in Xperiencify.

    Xperiencify is a platform built for Experience Products like the one EPM will teach you to make. It comes with dozens of gamification features designed to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

    This is as easy as it gets. No tech savviness necessary.

  • What if I don’t have a product?

    The very first leg of your journey with EPM features a Profitable Product Idea Process that will help you choose a product and audience to profit from right now.

    This process will ensure you come up with an in-demand idea before you even try to sell it. We even have a Profitable Niche Checklist with 7 Criteria to test your idea against.

    Once you nail down an idea, we’ll help you express it in one simple, alluring phrase.

    This process was developed over 10 years and 10,000 students. It can shave months (or even years) off your journey to profitability.

  • How do I know EPM will work for my niche?

    Because as long as you’re working with human beings, the Experience Formula™ principles taught in the Experience Product Masterclass apply.

    EPM has student from all over the world from all kinds of industries. We haven’t seen a single niche where our strategies don’t work.

    Experience Products are in demand from people who demand results. When you use the Experience Formula™ to make your product fun and engaging, you’ll help your students get those results and achieve their goals.

    That said, please be aware of any specific regulations governing your niche, as they may shape how you apply these principles.

  • How much extra will I need to invest in making this work?

    It depends on your product.

    If you decide to create a coaching, consulting or service offer, you don’t necessarily need to buy any technology or spend any additional money.

    If you create a group program, you may want to invest in something like Zoom if you have over 100 participants (fewer than that, it's free).

    You don't necessarily need a membership site or any fancy delivery system like we have for EPM.

    Inside the Experience Product Masterclass, you’ll discover a variety of low-cost or no-cost ways to bring your Experience Product to the public.

    A lot of people ask, “What about this technology that you have, the checkout, the trainings, the ‘ka-ching?’”

    Here’s the thing -- the “ka-ching” is a metaphor for the brain’s dopamine release, and there are other ways to create constant wins that don’t require tech that costs money.

    However, we do have the Xperiencify bonus, where we actually build your course, program or product membership site FOR you! You'll map out, plan and record your product, but we'll actually build it out in Xperiencify, a platform purpose-built to deliver Experience Products.

    It comes complete with all the gamification & "experiencification" we've been talking about, and dozens of other features that will help you powerfully engage and motivate 10-30X more students to take action, get results and become repeat customers.

    The bottom line: you want people to realize the progress they’re making, no matter how small it may seem. And there are a variety of ways to do this that don’t require expensive technology.

    In EPM, we’ll help you decide which methods are right for you, right now in your business. You can experiment with Xperiencify for free for as long as you want. You don't pay until you either publish or send us your site to start building for you. Plans start at just $49 a month.

  • What if I don’t have a website yet?

    You don’t necessarily need one, especially if you’re creating a 1:1 or 1:Few product. If you follow the marketing guidelines taught in EPM, you’ll be able to sell your product through word-of-mouth and simple Facebook posts.

    Besides, having a website before you have a product is like putting your cart before your horse. Many people spend too much time and money building a fancy website before they even know what it is they’re going to sell, or before they’ve tested their product and made sure that it will sell.

    A couple of our favorite product-building mantras around here are “earn while you learn” and “iterate your way to awesome.” Build your product through collaboration and dialogue with your students, clients and customers.

    This way you know what they love (and don’t) and what messages resonate with your audience before you try building a fancy website.

    Many EPM students start without a website and still hit Mission Accomplished. You can do it too.

  • What if I don’t have an email list yet?

    No list, no problem. You can still do this, and you can build your list while you do it.

    We’ll show you exactly how to get your message in front of the people who want and need it the most.

    And we’ll give you everything you need to create, design and launch your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) without the need for an email campaign or fancy funnel.

    Once your MVP product is ready, we’ll show you how to build your list and ensure you have an engaged customer base hungry for everything you send them -- especially your next Experience Product.

  • What if I need extra help or personal support?

    When you join us in EPM, you’re assigned a dedicated Personal Experience Product Success Coach who will provide you with unlimited email access.

    So no matter who you are or where you live in the world, you’ll have unlimited email support and 10 Weekly Pod Calls to get support from your coach. They’ll review your milestones along the way to make sure you’re on the right track and you’re not making any big mistakes.

    Then there’s the Facebook Group -- an entire community to support you in reaching your goals throughout the program.

    For the $2,497 investment, there’s more support in EPM than almost any product I know of. We got you covered.

What’s the Future Look Like for You?

How would your life change if you knew that, just 12 short weeks from right now YOU had designed, launched and profited from an Experience Product?

How about the fact that you'll be able to use that same formula to do it again and again for the rest of your life?

That delivering Experience Products could be your full-time business...

Or that, any time you have to come up with some extra cash — to pay off your house, buy a new car, go on vacation, pay a college tuition bill, or retire, all you had to do was to pull out your Experience Product Masterclass notes and do it again?

What would that make possible for you, for your family and for your life?

Imagine how you'd spend that extra income, and the type of lifestyle you'd be able to provide your family if you could rinse and repeat those kinds of results over and over again... and more.

Whatever your picture of success looks like for you, imagine it in as much detail as you can. Imagine having the financial means to create the lifestyle you want to live, to provide for your family and to provide value to your tribe, as well as the freedom and time to enjoy it.

Not some time in the distant future, but starting right now. Today. I can't wait to support you in the Experience Product Masterclass.

Blue skies,

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