• The Picnic Pants Pattern – Why it keeps course creators stuck for years, and how to remove those blocks so you can take real action, FAST!
  • The Thud Factor – why you think it creates extra value, when it actually creates is extra work for you and overwhelms your students.
  • The Job #1 Mistake – How it distracts you from your purpose, & what you can do to keep your eye on the ball & achieve rapid success.
  • The Everything is Awesome Error – Avoid this massive pitfall that forces students to abandon your course, destroys backend revenue, and prevents future sales & real income.
  • The "Tech Trap" – Why it causes course creators to quit out of frustration before they make their first dollar online.
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Marisa Murgatroyd

CEO & Founder, Live Your Message

Marisa has personally earned over $21M with online courses and programs, and helped over 10,000 students succeed online. Her programs have some of the highest student success rates in the industry, including the Experience Product Masterclass which has 1481 reviews! She’s also helped slash refund rates by half or more (and increased repeat sales) for top experts who were baffled why their consumers were abandoning or refunding such great programs.