How to Name Anything!

Too many amazing products, services and businesses are sabotaged by a terrible name.

Tell me if this sounds familiar… you have a great idea for your next product, training, podcast, even your new business -- but the name stinks.

Like 3 day old gym socks.

You know what this idea could do for your audience. You can spidey-sense how much potential it has if only you had the perfect name that would grab their attention… So, you hop over to the whiteboard or pop open a new notepad… only to hit a brick wall.

No ideas -- at least, no good ideas.Everything that comes to mind sounds overused, tired and more of the same old, same old ‘blah’…

How to… Alliteration… # of Steps… Rhyming… Clever statement (that isn’t clear at all -- just clever)

After an hour of hitting your head against a brick wall, you pick a random name, don’t love it and congratulations -- you’re headed toward mediocre success or maybe even worse.

Choosing a crappy name -- or even a name that you don’t hate but don’t love -- will get you lost in a noisy marketplace.

Your name is often the first detail people notice about your business. It’s how they talk about you… refer to you… and even trust you with their money. Having a lousy name for your product will make it just blend in with all of the other random products, services, courses, everything else in your marketplace.

Even worse, the wrong name can be a major turnoff for your ideal customers. They’ll click off your site and search for a different solution -- from your competitors.This is why coming up with an amazing name is one of the most crucial, hardest challenges you may face with your marketing. So many people agonize over their name for hours -- and few get it right.

You feel like you have only two choices:

  1. Keep racking your brain for more ideas or…
  2. Settle for the vanilla-flavored name you have that you don’t even like -- and you know that name won’t make you as many sales.

Fun fact: those are terrible choices… if those are your only choices.

So, how do you come up with an irresistible name for your offer that authentically represents YOU and what you do, makes everyone in your market stand up and take notice and brings in those Benjamins?

PSA: I’m super allergic to boring, bland product names -- so my team and I found a cure.

Over the past eight years here at Live Your Message, we've helped tens of thousands of people from all over the world build lucrative, fulfilling businesses. Even more importantly, these businesses are perfectly aligned with who our clients are and how they’re uniquely meant to serve.

It didn’t happen by saying “Here’s our product name that we don’t really love, but pretty-please, can you buy it?…”

No -- we created products and services like:

  1. The Tony Stark Method
  2. The “Ooo, Tell Me More!” Template
  3. Website ATM

...and many many more jump-off-the-page names!

How did it happen? This is probably a good time to tell you…

Confession: I’ve had a knack for naming for as long as I can remember.

As a branding specialist, I’ve named hundreds of businesses, products and services. I identified magic-making ingredients that make audiences go “WOW!” -- and reach for their credit cards.

And now -- drum roll, please -- we’re ready to give you full access to everything we learned. We call this our How to Name Anything training.

Never Settle for Anything But a

“Hot Damn - I SO Need That!” Name Ever Again

Our How to Name Anything training includes 21 blockbuster templates for naming just about anything:

  • Your products, programs and courses
  • Your books, podcast, blog or web TV show
  • Your signature systems, processes or techniques
  • Even your business name and tagline!

And right now, you can get our proven step-by-step How to Name Anything training -- including our 21 blockbuster naming templates -- for a significant discount you won't find anywhere else.

This training shares insider secrets I’ve used to name my own multi-million-dollar products... plus the templates I use with my high-level clients who invest $50K+ with me to help them name and brand their businesses, products, programs and courses.

Get Our How to Name Anything Training for Just $37!

With this training, you’ll finally have everything at your fingertips to eliminate guesswork, create a blockbuster name for your next offer and start generating maximum impact and income through your business.

VTS Video Training

Part A

Part A

Instant Immersion Video

This training video walks you through the exact process I recommend to craft an irresistible product name. You will know exactly how to name your offers so they’re impossible to ignore!

VTS Video Training

Part B

Part B

Companion Guide

Your downloadable companion guide expands on our Instant Immersion video training with the 21 failproof templates for creating an impossible-to-ignore, gotta-have-it name.

You’ll find the right template for naming anything you want to offer your customers -- no matter your business or industry.

VTS Call

Part C

Part C

‘Namestorm’ Strategy Session

You don’t have to figure out your name on your own! Part of our How to Name Anything Training offer is a “Namestorm” Strategy Session with one of our featured Business-Building Mentors.

These are the experts who we trust to help turn even great names into “Shut up and take my money!” names.


This Sounds Awesome,
But Why Should You Listen to Me?

Here at my company, Live Your Message, we turn everyday entrepreneurs into online superheroes, so you can change the world from your living room!

We do that through creating great-to-the-core iconic brands and websites for seven, eight and nine-figure thought leaders such as Eben Pagan, Susan Peirce Thompson, Danny Iny, Sage Lavine, Josh Turner, Callan Rush, Justin Livingston and many more.

We also train entrepreneurs with a big message for the world how to create "super-sticky" products that their audiences LOVE.

And over the past seven years, I've personally helped tens of thousands of people from all over the world laser in on what makes them irresistibly unique and valuable -- and now it's your turn!

How To Name Anything

What’s Included With
Our How to Name Anything Training

HTNA Video Training
How To Name Anything

Instant Immersion Video Guide


HTNA Companion Guide
How To Name Anything

Companion Guide


HTNA Coaching Call
How To Name Anything

Coaching Call


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Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t LOVE this training, we’ll return your full investment in the first 30 Days!

We absolutely stand behind this training, but what if it’s not what you’re hoping for? Just let us know in the first 30 days after investing in this training and we’ll give you all your money back. No headaches, no hassle, no hard feelings. We know you’ll love what this training can do for your business, but this is your extra helping of peace of mind, just in case.

GET THE TRAINING + TEMPLATES NOW 30-Day ‘Give You All Your Money Back’ Guarantee Huge Results Guaranteed!

Why Are We Practically Giving This Training Away?

Why are we giving this starter training away for the price of a Triple Venti, Half-Sweet, Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato… or whatever your favorite, kinda obnoxious Starbucks drink happens to be? :-)

Because here’s what we know: 50% of the people who buy it will continue on to become great customers and wonderful leaders in the industry.

We know once we put this $37 product in your hand, you’re going to become a great customer. It’s that simple!

See What Other Superheroes Like You Are Saying About Our How to Name Anything Training

Yes, people are RAVING about this training!

Janine Gregor

Janine Gregor

“For years, I had a super generic name for my signature service. With this training, I came up with a new name that perfectly conveys how it’s unique and why you have to have it. Today, it’s my most popular package! It has become the driver for my entire business.”

Nicole Larsen

Nicole Larsen

“I used the How to Name Anything Guide to name my free consultation the 'Simplify Your Life Session.' It just came to me in the bathtub one day! (lol)”

Thanks for this guide, Marisa... it really taught me more about my brand!

Just Picture It

  • You never again have to waste hours, days or weeks trying to come up with a great name for your products, programs or services.
  • You can proudly share the amazing, attention-snatching name your customers will love.
  • Your business takes a LEAP in impact and profit because you finally have the momentum you need -- because of this training.

That’s not a daydream… that can be your new reality with our How to Name Anything training. It’s all yours when you say “Yes!” right now. Let’s dive in!

GET THE TRAINING + TEMPLATES NOW 30-Day Money Back Guarantee