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What Would a $1M Idea Mean for Your Business?

What Makes Elon Musk, Sara Blakely, and Richard Branson So Unbelievably Successful?

SpaceX, Spanx, Virgin Airlines, Tesla, these are powerful companies.

Their founders? Elon Musk, Sarah Blakely, Sir Richard Branson -- you know the names.

But do you know what makes these three so ludicrously successful?

Obviously, they didn't start that way.

All three of them had a secret weapon that few people know about...

Their "brain trust."

To this day, they surround themselves with elite minds focused on getting the most out of small -- but crucial -- parts of their businesses.

All three know that just ONE blockbuster idea from their team could mean millions in profit -- if not a whole lot more.

That’s the power of investing in a team of elite experts.

Am I exaggerating? I don't think so.

In fact, I'd bet that you couldn't name even one entrepreneur who launched their product with NO help or support from anyone else (and made millions in sales -- or even billions).

(Hint -- they don’t exist.)

So, who’s in YOUR brain trust?

Listen, I know that you're more than capable of building a good business and achieving success on your own. In fact, you may already have what many would say is a successful business.

If you're serious about seriously accelerating your progress and launching a blockbuster digital product, program or course QUICKLY, then you need something truly special.

You need an elite team of experts in product creation and marketing right at your fingertips over the next 12 weeks. This team can turn YOUR product into so much more than anything you can create on your own. That’s the power of perspective.

Here's the problem -- most business owners don't know how to put together a brain trust of this caliber. They hope for the best and end up wondering how much they left on the table.

Newsflash: You’re NOT ‘most’ people… That’s why you’re still reading this page. You're the kind of person that needs to make the biggest impact possible.

You know you need a powerful brain trust to maximize your ideas… but you don’t have one.

Guess who has an elite team ready and waiting for their next assignment?

I do.

And today, I want to give you and a handful of other people UNPRECEDENTED access to my team of experts through our EPM Elite offer.

In case you missed my video earlier, this is my offer to you: instant access to my team of elite specialists. These are the ones who can take you from your current speed to Ludicrous Mode -- just like a Tesla.

EPM Elite =

Unprecedented, Pinch-Me-I’m-Dreaming Access to Ludicrous Mode Experts

Here's the deal:
You can go at normal speed with normal results… or you can go at LUDICROUS speed with our team of elite experts.

Shifting into LUDICROUS Mode with EPM Elite may cause you to be wildly successful with your business.

Saying “Yes!” to EPM Elite gives you unprecedented access to not ONE, not TWO, but THREE of our Ludicrous Mode Team Members. Their ONLY objective is to bring YOU million-dollar ideas -- with all of the hooks, angles, advice, coaching, messaging, headlines, and copy that you never would have come up with by yourself.

These are trusted experts in my personal network who I trust with MY OWN MESSAGE, people I’ve spent years cultivating.

And now I want to give YOU the chance to hire them for 12 weeks to help you shift into LUDICROUS mode to accelerate YOUR business. I can redirect their eyes and brains on YOUR message, YOUR business, and YOUR assets -- all without costing you a fortune.

Would you love to meet your Ludicrous Mode Experts?

Ludicrous Mode Expert #1:
Your Senior Experience Product Success Coach

SIX 50-minute one-on-one coaching calls with one of our most highly trained Experience Product Success coaches!

Let’s be honest -- some of us need more one-on-one support to get results. Group coaching is amazing, but what if we can take it to the next level?

EPM Elite gives you immediate, direct access to one of my most highly trained and trusted Experience Product Success coaches. You receive six one-on-one coaching calls and unlimited email access over 12 weeks to help you:

  • Nail the EXACT offer and marketing angles most likely to resonate with your audience
  • Get their expert insight on big questions and tough decision you’re facing right now
  • Bypass the usual trial and error entrepreneurs face when creating a new digital product, program or course

No more guesswork… no more wondering if your next idea is a good idea or if it’ll even work… no more expensive trial and error!

Since we’ve only trained two EPM Elite coaches, we have limited availability in EPM Elite. Once it’s full, I’m shutting down EPM Elite for at least a couple of months.

Here's what our students are saying...

“I constantly have this feeling that I get as much -- or more -- support than I could possibly need.”

“The coaches are astounding. My coach is so smart. We can get to just the one piece that is necessary for me to make a huge switch. We can have a conversation that's so dialed in: I say, “This is what I'm struggling with…” and he'll say, "Well, have you thought about doing this?" And it is the answer. It's like I don't have any more questions -- that was the piece that I needed to move forward. We could end the call right there because we already nailed it. I constantly have this feeling that I get as much -- or more -- support than I could possibly need.”

Ken Blackman

Relationship Catalyst

“I can't imagine carrying on this transformational work I do in my business without having the support of the EPM coaching team.”

“In my private life, I'm a rock climbing instructor. People who are climbing together communicate in a very clear way. When the climber wants support, the climber simply says one word to the belayer. The climber says: Take. The belayer takes up the slack, pulls the rope tight and says one word: Gotcha. The feeling of “gotcha” -- that somebody has got your rope, that you're safe, that you can be bold and try something because somebody fully has your back -- that profound feeling is the same feeling that the coaching team for EPM was able to give me. The ability to be bold, to ask for support and to have that feeling in my professional life was HUGE. I can't imagine carrying on this transformational work I do in my business without having the support of the EPM coaching team.”

Judy Bradt

Federal Business Strategist

Ludicrous Mode Expert #2:
World-Class Copywriter-to-the-Stars

EPM Elite Access gets you TWO 50-minute one-on-one calls with our mystery copywriter-to-the-stars!

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you haven’t invested in great copy. You try to ‘wing it’, hoping your copy will magically work.

Headlines, sales pages, emails… it’s all a guessing game when you make that type of gamble.

You’re risking everything on untested copy that stands a HUGE chance of not working.

Spoiler alert: it’s a terrible tactic -- and it limits your profit… and your impact.

What if you could have two, three, even fives times better results with your copy?

That’s the profit power of great copy… and the superpower of a world-class copywriter.

So, who is it?

I can't reveal his identity here because I promised I'd keep it on the down low. He’s a highly private individual -- a great guy but not an extrovert at all. Think Doctor Strange meets Mad Men.

All I can say is you’ve seen his work without even realizing it.

This man is responsible for generating millions and millions of dollars in dozens of industries over the years -- doing this exact work for entrepreneurs who can afford to pay his steep fees.

If you’ve never worked with a professional copywriter before, these two calls will be magical.

You'll collaborate in real time and watch him craft your ideas into eye-popping, sales-driving copy. His work will ignite more people to take action and BUY than you ever believed possible.

You'll feel totally confident, alive to new possibilities, and excited that YOUR product is being represented and marketed in the absolute best way possible.

Here's what our students are saying...

“OMG, I felt so seen I actually teared up.”

“OMG, I felt so seen I actually teared up. He said what I've been feeling for the last year of resisting branding myself as a relationship coach. I discovered that what I'm actually passionate about is being a coach for creatives who have two loves, their art and their relationship, and how to weave those together in a way that works, where it no longer feels like a love triangle that can't be solved.”

Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Relationship Artist

“It was the most amazing experience!”

“I just had my session with the copywriter. It was the most amazing experience! Lots of clarity around my webinar script, title and more. I'm totally lit up!!”

Norma Stratton


Ludicrous Mode Expert #3:


It normally costs $15,000 a day to work with me and get my personal attention on your business and your products.

What if you could spend TWO whole days working with me at my home here in Los Angeles, California? No, you’re not dreaming -- I’m inviting you to join me and 19 other high-level entrepreneurs for our EPM Lab.

It’s a deep-dive to get s*** done as we build out your entire Experience Escalation Plan.

I'll draw on my vast experience coaching thousands of entrepreneurs including multi-seven-figure industry leaders such as Eben Pagan, Mike Koenigs, Susan Peirce Thompson, Sage Lavine, Danny Iny and many more to help you:

  • Lock down the best, most effective angles to speak DIRECTLY to the right crowd for your message
  • Identify the most effective ways to launch your product that align perfectly with your strengths -- because not all marketing strategies suit every entrepreneur
  • Learn the most effective messaging to use that captures the true essence of who you are and what you're about -- perhaps in a way that you've never heard of before...
  • Build an Experience Escalation Plan so powerful that 10-30x more people who buy from you will get results -- this slashes refunds, creates repeat buyers, and ecstatic referrals.
  • Get my full attention on every key aspect of your Experience Product, checking and verifying you made ALL of the right decisions at every turning point in the road -- so you can relax and know you got this.

There’s one reason why I’m so confident I can get results for you:
I've worked with countless entrepreneurs from around the world and added millions upon millions in value to their businesses and products over the years.

I’m offering you a $30,000 gift for a fraction of the cost. This two-day experience is included when you say “Yes!” to EPM Elite right now.

Here's what our students are saying...

“Marisa was masterful in how she helped me fine tune my message!”

“The EPM curriculum alone was an amazingly supportive framework, but the intimate support of the EPM Lab for two full days was invaluable. Marisa was masterful in how she helped me fine tune my message, and that gave me the clarity I needed to successfully market and deliver my first online course!”

Michael Namkung


“Marisa has an uncanny ability to take what you are saying and convert it off the top of her head into magnetic messaging.”

“I’m so glad I attended the EPM Lab with Marisa. I got so much clarity on my marketing message, and got substantial help from Marisa and the group on my sales letter and other important aspects of my positioning. Marisa is the hidden gem of digital marketers. She has an uncanny ability to take what you are saying and convert it off the top of her head into magnetic messaging. I also met some incredible new friends thanks to the collaborative environment she fostered. I highly recommend EPM Lab and Marisa if you want to fast track your results.”

Denise Gosnell


Imagine What EPM Elite Will Do for YOUR Business...

Imagine what's possible for you when you join us in EPM Elite. I believe you desire more impact, more income, more power to do what you truly want to do. You want to create something that lasts. A real asset.

But you don't want to spend YEARS getting there. You don’t have to wait with EPM Elite. Investing in each of our three Ludicrous Mode experts one by one for what I’m offering you right now would cost over tens of thousands of dollars if you tried to do this by yourself. You don’t have to pay even close to that with EPM Elite…


6 Private Coaching Calls + 12 Weeks of Unlimited Email Access with Your EPM Elite Success Coach

($4,500 value)

2 Done-With-You Copywriting Sessions

($5,200 value)

2-Day EPM Lab

($10,000 value)





If you're open, ready and looking for this kind of opportunity to switch on Ludicrous Mode in YOUR business, this is your chance.

You can upgrade your EPM membership to EPM Elite for just:

What could a $1M or even $10K idea or asset unlock for your future?

Are you ready to get ludicrous with your business?
Hit the button and accelerate your impact with EPM Elite.