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Get 6 of My Most Popular Business-Building Starter Trainings

+ A FREE Tuition Waiver to Live Your Message Live Online!

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Videos that Sell

How to Create Simple Videos that Dazzle, Delight & Deliver ($197 value)

Inside this training, you’ll learn how to create videos that convert like HOTCAKES without a big budget, a super fancy camera or a Hollywood cinematographer.

You’ll also discover the 8-character approach to video storytelling that’ll help you create videos that keep your audience spellbound and engaged... so they couldn’t look away even if they tried. How to increase the chance that your audience will stay to the very end, take the action you want and share your videos.

What to Sell When

How to Choose the Right Product for the Right Market at the Right Time to Generate Massive Income & Impact ($197 value)

In this training, you’ll get access to the insider secrets I’ve used to create my own multi-million dollar products... plus my top gold nuggets from the thousands of hours I’ve spent coaching 6, 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs on precisely what products and programs to offer next in their business.

You’ll discover:
  • The 3 Element Strategy to set you up for success before you even create your product
  • Exactly how to pick the "right" type of product to maximize profits for your unique business
  • The ONE THING you must include in all your products to guarantee a growing base of long-term paying customers

Get 6 of My Most Popular Business-Building Starter Trainings

+ A FREE Tuition Waiver to Live Your Message Live Online!


How to Name Anything

21 Failproof Templates for Naming Your Blockbuster Product, Program or Service ($497 value)

You’ll get access to the insider secrets I’ve used to name my own multi-million dollar products... plus the templates I use with my high-level clients who invest $50K+ with me to help them name and brand their businesses, products, programs and courses.

You’ll get 21 blockbuster templates you can use to name just about anything:
  • Your products, programs and courses
  • Your signature systems, processes or techniques
  • Your books, podcast, blog or web TV show
  • Even your business name and tagline!

The Ultimate Visual Branding Guide

16 Proven Font & Color Templates to Make Your Product Look Like a Million Bucks($497 value)

In this training, I’ll guide you through how to get the 4 main visual branding elements of your product designed quickly and inexpensively: your logo, color palette, font palette and the style of your imagery.

When done right, these 4 elements instantly signal to your audience that you’re the real deal and tip the judgment scales in your favor! I’ll go over hacks, tips and tricks (plus plenty of examples) you can use to create a product with a totally unique-to-you look and feel that stands out from the competition.

You’ll discover:
  • 16 ready-to-go font and color palettes to shortcut your product branding process.
  • A complete list of free, high-quality royalty-free stock photo sites so you can look like a million bucks without spending a single buck.
  • Worksheets and exercises to get you out of OCD design heaven and into action today!

Get 6 of My Most Popular Business-Building Starter Trainings

+ A FREE Tuition Waiver to Live Your Message Live Online!


The Tony Stark Method

How to Tap Into Your Unique Genius & Make Money Saving the World ($197 value)

With this video training and companion guide, you’ll discover what your unique Superpower is and how to wield it to get that dream job, promotion or build a fulfilling, lucrative business that helps others and maybe even saves the world -- just like Tony Stark from the Avengers!

You will:
  • Identify your #1 Superpower
  • Discover how to leverage your strengths and avoid your “kryptonite” that’ll hold you back in business and in life
  • Begin to more easily let go of all the things you think you should be doing and instead, focus more on what you LOVE to do -- the highest and best use of your time and energy

The "Oooh, Tell Me More!" Template

Watch Your Sales Double & Triple When You Know Exactly What to Say & Who to Say It To ($197 value)

You’ll discover exactly how to convey what you do and the value that it delivers in just a few simple words… so that you make it easy for your dream customers to say “Yes!” to you.

You’ll also get even more training and insights, so that when you’re talking to someone who needs what you have to offer, their eyes will light up and they’ll start to ask The Money Questions, “How do you do that?” or -- even better -- “Do you have a card?”

If you’ve bought one of these starter trainings in the past at regular price, please note that you’re not able to refund or credit your purchase toward this special offer.

Live Your Message LIVE Online

March 5-7, 2021
I’m adding a BONUS tuition waiver (valued at an additional $900)!

I want to see you truly make headway next year and there's only so much you can do on your own.

In just one weekend you’ll learn What to Say, Do and Sell Next to grow your business FAST -- and it’ll all fit on ONE sheet of paper! Plus you'll get to connect with the legendary Live Your Message community... :)

Zoom In Overwhelmed, Zoom Out With an Exact Plan for What to Say, Do and Sell Next to Grow Your Business FAST

This is the 9th time we're holding this event and the first (and probably last) time you'll be able to experience the magic from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Note: You'll still need to purchase your $100 material box to confirm your seat. This box contains all the materials you need to have a phenomenal Live Your Message LIVE experience... including a few surprise gifts you're gonna love.


Knowing exactly what your unique Superpower is -- where your zone of genius lies -- and what type of product, program or course to create next (and what to name it!) to add extra zeros to your bottom line and quickly scale your business...

Imagine having products, branding and marketing videos that look exactly the way you want them to -- a total authentic representation of who you are and what you do.

Imagine knowing the exact words to say to perfectly and powerfully convey the power and value of what you have to offer... so that you make it super simple and easy for people to say “Yes!” to you!

Ready to shortcut your way to these results? Let’s get you started...